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Sustainability in the event industry

Fields of our sustainability strategy

We take responsibility

Sustainability encompasses many areas. We are dedicated to all of them:

Our responsibility to the company and our customers 

  • Implementation of an environment management system
  • Setup of transparent sustainability communications, both internally and externally, to build trust among employees and customers
  • Expansion of our partner network in order to plan events more sustainably
  • Exerting our influence to promote sustainability in politics as well

Our responsibility to employees 

  • Shaping a convivial working environment
  • Promoting health in the workplace
  • Furthering environmentally sound employee behavior
  • Promoting flexible working hours and practices
  • Promoting family-career balance
  • Health & safety management in all areas
  • Furthering of equality and diversity
  • Promoting continuing professional education
  • Promoting employee involvement



Our responsibility for events 

  • Development of “Show Green”, our product for sustainable events with resource-saving, environmentally friendly and high-quality implementation
  • Integration of the “avoid, reduce, or recycle before consuming” impact chain into our daily work routine
  • Multilateral support of our customers, also through consulting and workshops, on the way to sustainable event implementation
  • Mobility guideline to reduce person-miles and air travel
  • Ensuring sustainable events at the highest level of quality

Our responsibility to society

  • Inclusion of CSR in the company guidelines
  • Local commitment in the communities where our sites are located
  • Commitment to regional and national art & culture initiatives
  • Support for local educational institutional institutions and booster societies
  • Support for sustainability initiatives
  • Strong focus on and commitment to skills training
  • Sustainability strategy with the goal of a positive social impact


Our responsibility to the environment

  • Increasing resource efficiency at our production sites
  • Reduction of emissions
  • Modern, environmentally friendly waste disposal in 23 categories
  • Constantly increasing our use of renewable energies
  • Replacing conventional materials with innovative, environmentally friendly alternatives
  • Shifting our motor pool to electric vehicles

Our responsibility for the supply chain 

  • Demanding transparent sustainability criteria when selecting suppliers and products (domestically and internationally)
  • Ensuring compliance with social standards among our suppliers
  • Tailored planning and logistics to reduce transport distances, empty trucks and redeliveries


„Over the past three years, we have focused strongly on environmental protection throughout the Group. The EMAS certification reflects this commitment, while we are now increasingly focusing our power on the other areas of our sustainability strategy.” – Nico Ubenauf | Vorstand satis&fy AG


Environmental and climate protection have not been the focus of our industry until now, but that is changing. With the EMAS validation (“Eco-Management and Audit Scheme”), we make continuous and systematic improvement of environmental performance an integral part of our work processes. The aim is to initiate improvements in climate protection, sustainability and resource conservation within the company, to involve employees and to develop performance partners in a sustainable manner.

Since the end of 2022, all sites with warehouses and workshops in Karben, Werne and Berlin have been successfully validated and entered in the EMAS register. Details are provided in the Environmental Statement 2022.

For our customers, this means:

  • Greater transparency thanks to an annually updated environmental statement
  • More trust and security in our sustainable processes
  • Measurable improvements in environmental performance


We introduced an environmental management system in 2022 and successfully apply it in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001:2015.

For our customers, this means:

  • A strong, sustainable partner
  • Comprehensive knowledge in the field of environmental management for the planning, preparation and implementation of events


Since mid-November 2020, satis&fy has been Sustainable Partner certified and listed in the Meeting Guide of visitBerlin. The Berlin Convention Office (BCO) has launched the Sustainable Meetings Berlin – Berlin goes “green” initiative with the aim of establishing Berlin as an environmentally conscious and sustainable event location.

The criteria catalog contains a total of 62 individual criteria that are thematically grouped according to society, governance, risk & compliance (GRC), the environment and the economy, thus covering all dimensions of sustainability. This catalog is publicly available.

Sustainable Meetings Berlin is a sophisticated tool that aids greater corporate sustainability. A complete recertification in all criteria takes place every three years, while sub-areas are reviewed in the years in between.

We are currently classified as a “High Performer”, and our ambition is to continuously improve in order to become a “Leader” in all areas. You can see how we stack up in the individual criteria in the Meeting Guide.

For our customers, this means:

  • Guaranteed corporate sustainability in all areas when working with satis&fy Berlin


With our Werne location, we participated in the implementation of the “Resource Efficiency in Event Services” project sponsored by the Nordrhein-Westfalen Ministry of the Environment.

As part of the project, the company was screened for twelve months across all process steps pertaining to the technical and architectural implementation of events, then optimized with a view to conserving resources. Because in our industry, still far too little attention is paid to the CO2 footprint that stems from the structural implementation and production equipment associated with events.

The result furthers our optimization potential as an event service provider. Although we have already done a lot in the past to reduce resource consumption and material flows, we are entering new territory in the industry with this project. Until now, the environmental impact of an event in on-site equipment has never been part of an overarching, holistic view.

For our customers, this means:

  • satis&fy Werne is a strong partner in the field of sustainability – from event planning to implementation to equipment and more


In September 2023, we were once again named a “Wetterau Family-friendly company“. A variety of initiatives support employees in balancing work and family life. satis&fy has stood out with a number of measures, including: flexible working hours, financial support for childcare, and an open and supportive corporate culture.

With this award, the working group seeks to honor and raise awareness of good company practices that make it easier to balance work and family life.

For our customers, this means:

  • Working with balanced and strong partners who benefit from a good work-life balance


Our CSR declaration –
Corporate Social Responsibility

Our compliance guidelines