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The gaming industry has been growing steadily since the early 90s. Born as a trend in children’s rooms, esports has evolved along with its players. There is now a dynasty of gamers virtually active worldwide. From car races to strategic multiplayer games, the only limits are set by the designers’ creativity. E-sports is no longer something that takes place behind closed doors:

E-sports is fast paced, loud, in the limelight, hyped and is our passion!

E-sports tournaments and events are a mix of different aspects of our expertise. Whether live or hybrid tournaments, fully or partially virtual trade fairs or product launches – from lighting and video technology to streaming to stage and special constructions, everything has to blend to create a gripping and unforgettable experience for players and spectators.

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These e-sports brands have relied on satis&fy for their international projects:

League of Legends \ Call of Duty
Twitch \ ASUS \ Red Bull \ FIFA
100 Thieves \ Misfits \ gamescom


Emotions capturing the eyes – live for the viewers on site and for the fans participating via streams and in the chat.

Lighting technology in gaming competitions achieves a lot, because the players and the entire stage area must be both camera-compatible and perfectly illuminated for the venue.

Effect and decorative lighting support both the interaction with the spectators and the atmosphere in the room. Thanks to our many years of expertise in live entertainment as well as in the field of studio and television technology and a large inventory of materials, satis&fy stages every eSports event:

  • Moving Heads,
  • Tracking systems,
  • Optimal stage lighting,
  • LED lights and ambient lighting

We “playfully” create the right lighting for every game.


What would games be without gripping melodies and action scenes without thrilling sound effects? In competitions, additional factors come into play in the field of sound technology: Depending on whether the players are competing individually or as a team, they must be able to communicate with each other latency-free and in real time without the opponents hearing them. Speech intelligibility is the be-all and end-all. Viewers, in turn, want to hear everything, both on site and in the streams – including the impressions and emotions of the commentators via a dedicated audio track.

An auditorily generated suspense track is what gives the gaming community the feeling of being truly immersive in the game and event. With the experience of our sound engineers, we ensure excellent sound quality in all event areas: in the venue, in the stream, for gamers, and fans.

Stand: League of Legends, Halle 8


An absolutely essential point for e-sports events is state-of-the-art video technology. The graphics of the games are so high-resolution that they already come very close to reality. This has to be reproduced on the LED walls in the venue without any significant losses. satis&fy uses LED walls with the currently lowest pixel pitch to raise the live experience of the spectators to a new level. Here, content produced in advance as well as content streamed during the event can be transmitted without any loss of time.

Moments of suspense are brought to the viewers up close and intensely.


Event technology for eSports competitions also includes the things that spectators don’t notice at first glance: Conference technology, which is particularly sophisticated for live competitions and must function on every channel.

In addition to the technical planning component, the recording technology must also meet the highest requirements. After all, the speech intelligibility and immediate transmission of the soundtrack influences the sound and can decide whether gamers win or lose. In addition, practical things have to be considered as well: High wearing comfort of provided headphones, for example, is a must-have especially during time-intensive tournaments. We at satis&fy guarantee the benefits of the one-stop solution in planning and implementation.

TwitchCon 2019 // Location: City Cube, Messe Berlin
TwitchCon 2019 // Location: City Cube, Messe Berlin


100 Thieves \ Fixed Installation, 100 Thieves Cash App Compound, Los Angeles

E-sports events fill the halls and streams with applause when excellent moves are made and with tense silence when things get serious. For this, satis&fy supplies everything from a single source: from conception and scenic design for grandiose atmosphere in the stadium to individual special construction solutions. A professional gamer needs a high-quality equipped working area. Durability and surface quality of the material play a major role, but the visual appearance should also be maintained. We always make sure to incorporate the desired event design into custom-made products in order to increase the recognition value.


Finally, there are the components that are truly invisible – and deliberately so. Well thought-out backstage logistics and solid network technology are the basis for player and spectator areas, because without them the most breathtaking e-sports event doesn’t work.

We are also in demand as a partner during ongoing tournament and league operations to organize the logistical handling. The IT equipment has to be transported to the various venues just in time, the required network connections have to be planned in detail, and their stability and speed have to be guaranteed at all times. Here, too, we are at your side with decades of expertise.

 The art is to install technology so skillfully that it does not visually disrupt the event, but optimally supports the process.

100 Thieves, LA


satis&fy offers event technology, stage construction, special constructions, lighting, sound and system technology for your gaming event. Get to know us and our expertise! Try us!

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