Museums & Culture

Art and technology

Medial staging of exhibitions and spatial experience

The fusion of art and technology is an inspiring extension to our activities and passion as a leader in experiential marketing. Something that comes from deep within.

Our cooperation with universities, artists and creative people & networks, we constantly challenge ourselves in the development and production of special media solutions, interactive forms of communication, exhibition design and digital worlds of experience.

Spectacular light installations, cusotm sound experiments, camera-based multi-touch applications, interactive controls and individual exhibits with media content, node-based development environments, user-optimized information systems, interaction designs and much more, all of which can be traced back to the seemingly boundless creative and innovative ingenuity of our R&D and tech specialists and merge into an impressive and aesthetically rousing result.

We love to work on projects that inspire with fresh ideas, make people think through creative approaches and attract attention through customized media productions.