Our Code of Conduct

What really matters

From Family Spirit to Family Tribe

Launched in 1993, satis&fy went from a startup adventure to become a respectedplayer in the event industry. Our path into the future, like that of our competitors, is paved with many unknowns. The only certainty is that we will not be deterred by unexpected twists and turns. We will adapt, survive and thrive, either by re-sponding to changes or, better yet, by anticipating future trends. Change is a positive force, and we will seize the opportunities it presents us.But what we will not change is our DNA. Ours is a company shaped by the people who work here. We know that we have to keep reinventing ourselves; that we have to remain agile and responsive. But that’s not always so easy to maintain out there in the real world. Our company may evolve and advance, but our moral compass has to keep pointing in the right direction. We must hold fast to our workplace values.
They encourage us to treat each other with respect, collaborate productively, and never stray from our successful path.These guidelines were worked out in a collective effort that saw many of you contributing. Consult them whenever you want to be reminded of who we are and whatreally matters to us. See them as a daily challenge to keep improving. This code of conduct defines our company and guides our actions. It sets out the ethical standards that we hold ourselves to and gives others a benchmark to measure our performance. Let us live up to these standards and keep that family spirit alive in the tribe that satis&fy has become.

01 \\ Team

Be dependable and have faith in others.

Me. You. Us. Together.

We are all about teamwork, from the crews out on show site to folks in the back office. Teamwork means making the most of your skills and talent. It means making the most of the abilities of others to achieve a common goal. And it means contributing everything you have into what you do. Give your best and count on others to do the same. The team will take care of the rest.

02 \\ Teamspirit

Niklas Hommel

Be accountable and take responsibility.

Every team member is an important part of the big picture.

Everyone has a specific job to do. Each of us does ours independently, but always with the team as a whole in mind. We are there for each other. We stand up for one another. That’s what team spirit is all about.

You are satis&fy. We are all satis&fy.

03 \\ Respect

Everything we think and do is built on respect.

We respect others – their personality, opinions, abilities, limitations, their very otherness.

This respect governs how we interact in conversation and in collaboration. Courtesy and respect fosters acceptance. And that is crucial to teamwork.

04 \\ Integrity & Fairness

Be open, honest and fair.

At satis&fy, we demonstrate integrity and fairness both within the company and without.

Integrity and fairness inspires trust. And every enduring partnership is built on good faith. Our word is our bond. We can be counted on to be open and honest, always.

With customers. With vendors. And with members of the satis&fy family.

05 \\ Decisions & Action

Don’t be afraid to make decisions. Take action.

We are not afraid to take a stand. To make that tough call. To get it done. It takes courage to assume responsibility.

The price of inaction is far greater than the cost of making a mistake. We can live with mistakes at satis&fy because we learn from them. We also have the courage to own up to our mistakes. To hide them would be the biggest mistake.

06 \\ Communication

Say what you mean. Mean what you say.

I hear you; you hear me.

There is nothing left to be read between the lines. Simple words. Short sentences. Clear statements. That is our language. The message that is clear and straightforward gets across. At satis&fy, we are good communicators.

We listen intently. We make sure we understand. And we make ourselves understood.

07 \\ Praise

Praise matters. Every day.

Every day there is good reason for praise at satis&fy.

We praise not merely to pay compliments. At satis&fy, praise is a statement of fact. A recognition of merit. And the fuel for success-driven teamwork.

But it is not rocket science. Everyone can and should feel free to commend a deed well done. Praise that is earned is not only gratifying; it is also a powerful motivator.

08 \\ Criticism

Criticism is good. It challenges us to become better.

Nobody’s perfect. We know there is nothing that cannot be improved.

Friendly criticism is common practice at satis&fy. If it is job related – on projects, the team, or individual crew members – it is not off limits. However, our criticism is always balanced, never wounding. It is solution focused and corrective.

At satis&fy, we are not afraid to express constructive criticism. We accept it with grace. And we do not take it personally.

09 \\ Knowledge & Skills

Working at satis&fy is a never-ending ambition to improve.

Learning is the lifeblood of our business.

We are a learning organization. But it is your responsibility to develop your professional skills. If it is job related, you can count on satis&fy to support you. You are expected to share newly gained knowledge with other team members so everyone benefits.

10 \\ Virtue & Friendliness

Our success is built on our can-do attitude – as individuals and as a company.

Every task is tackled with a positive attitude.

That is one reason why we are successful. This success gives us self-confidence, but never cause for arrogance. We are friendly. Service-minded. Customer-focused.

Our credo for face time with customers: It never hurts to smile. Our credo for face time at satis&fy: It never hurts to smile.

11 \\ Leading by example

Do the right thing.

It is not always the grand gesture that makes a hero.

Exemplary behavior begins with little things done right every day. We strive to be role models, as teams and as individuals. Doing the right thing means doing what the situation demands. Finding solutions. Solving problems.

Occasionally looking to others for guidance. And it means taking charge.

12 \\ Structure

Step up to your responsibility. Make the most of your freedom.

From day one, satis&fy was built on a flat hierarchy. That move paid off.

A flat hierarchy gives you leeway to take personal responsibility. Do it.

Your professional and personal development will benefit. But always be disciplined and reliable when you do. Your willingness and ability to act independently makes us a more dynamic, agile and successful enterprise.

13 \\ Resources

Reach for perfection to achieve excellence. Make the most of your creativity.

At satis&fy, limited resources are not an obstacle.

We look beyond these restrictions to find opportunities and possibilities. Inventiveness. Exuberant creativity. Stamina. Bring all this to the table. Make the most of what you have. Turn disadvantages into opportunities.

When rocks block your path, pile them up to build stairs and move on.

14 \\ Projects

Always ask yourself, “What does the project want?“

The client counts on us to pull off his project. You are its advocate.

Read carefully. Listen intently. Ask questions. The first commandment: Do not assume, seek for the facts. Never achieve less than what the client expects. Always strive for more than they had imagined.

You are the advocate, but the client is the judge of the outcome.

15 \\ Competences – Efficiency – Service

Projects always contribute to the customers’ success and exceed their expectations.

satis&fy is competent – we have the best specialists and team players.

We are efficient – we coordinate and integrate to make sure everything runs smoothly. Our customers trust us – we are dependable, flexible and creative enough to lead their projects to success beyond their expectations.

16 \\ Innovation

There is always something we can do to make things better. More beautiful. More efficient.

At satis&fy, we never just go by the rules.

No matter how familiar a job may be. If we have done a project before, we’ll look at it again and deliver an improved version. Even our best can become better.

Question old habits. Retool entrenched practices. Question conventional wisdom. Our customers expect constant innovation from us. So exercise your innovate powers at every turn.

17 \\ Sustainability

satis&fy is committed to the community. To the environment. To the future.

The company, its teams, and team members – we all love, live, and breathe the idea of sustainability. But we don’t preach it.

Instead, we put our environmental convictions into action. Demonstrate exemplary green behavior. Use materials wisely to inspire others to follow our example. That’s how we strive to make our projects more sustainable.