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Digital live events and broadcast solutions

Stay in touch with your employees and customers

New technological formats and permanent external constraints – as happened during the Covid-19 pandemic – accelerated the importance and relevance of virtual communication. If you want to stay in touch with your employees and customers during this time, you need solutions.

Easier said than done when many employees are in home offices or quarantined. This makes it all the more important to cultivate the corporate culture and not lose touch with your target groups – across all (geographical) barriers.

How this can be done is currently being read about in many places. Live streaming, virtual and hybrid events, and video conferencing are the means of choice for protecting lives and conveying important information “live”. And even though the market seems to be flooded with turnkey solutions at the moment, this is not a new science, but our daily business for more than 25 years. We have worked with many companies to connect them with their colleagues, teams and customers and to hold shareholder meetings or launch new products in front of their (virtual) audience.


Make it digital!

Companies want to protect their employees, customers, partners and suppliers and cancel or postpone events. An understandable step. But not the only one.

But when our customers’ guests are not allowed or do not want to travel, canceling is not the only solution. Hybrid is one possible answer. In this case, a real event is additionally moved into virtual space.

Holding an event as a streaming or hybrid event offers a variety of opportunities to place content and messages with audiences and guests despite travel stops. In addition, hybrid events combine maximum contact intensity with increased reach. Another plus is that no one gets infected when virtual content is distributed.

In our streaming studios in Frankfurt, Werne, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Munich and Hamburg, we offer you a high-performance infrastructure for your digital event.

But most importantly, we’re happy to help you convert your message into a streamable format:

  • Production / post-production of the content in one of our showrooms and connected studios
  • Realization of hybrid events using our own event locations
  • Broadcasting to various venues worldwide
  • Streaming to mobile devices and desktop
  • Integration of interactive tools
  • Provision of streaming packages tailored to your needs including complete event technology and set construction as well as support
  • Provision of downstream sets including screens, LED walls, projectors
  • Coordination of the streaming showrooms

Corporate Broadcast Network

We have formed a strategic partnership with our partner el-j, a specialist for storytelling and creative services for offline and online events as well as many years of broadcasting and TV experience, and have created the Corporate Broadcast Network (CBN) to make it as easy as possible for companies to enter the world of corporate broadcasting and digital event technology.

Interactive live television (Corporate Broadcasting) eliminates the distance to employees and customers; any content such as product news or sales meetings can be transmitted in real time to stakeholders around the world.

Together with el-j, we are now developing concepts tailored to the various communication needs, creating live and pre-recorded content, turning existing event content into broadcast-ready, TV-ready material and supplying the appropriate technical setup.

So when you go on the air, then do it right! With the right storyboards in your pocket or in your head!

We have put together three packages for you – from standard to high-end. We also have other solutions in the bag for which you don’t even have to go to the studio or your office.

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