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Digital events – From the drawing board to reality

Digital events are here to stay.

New technologies, a globalized world, a clearer awareness of the environment, busy schedules and unforeseeable external factors like pandemics – The reasons to plan natively digital events are many. The idea wasn’t born yesterday.

Digital events are not a new science; no, they’ve been our daily business for 20 years. We have worked with many companies to connect them with their coworkers, teams and customers, hold shareholder meetings, and launch new products in front of their (virtual) audience.

Are you looking for a market leader in live entertainment who understands the business of digital and hybrid events and can translate your wishes perfectly? We look forward to answering your questions and to providing you with personalized advice on success:

Digital events – More than just video conferences

A hundred people in small boxes on the screen, cameras mostly off, a dodgy connection, everyone distracted – these are not the virtual meetings that satis&fy puts on. Planned well in advance and implemented effectively, digital events are exactly what the name promises: Events.

Our fully equipped studios, modern streaming technology, lighting and event design turns your event into a professional production that participants will remember for a long time. After all, digital means being flexible and creative. From immersive studio backgrounds with branded content, gamification and live surveys for participants to exciting break-out sessions, digital events are just as varied as face-to-face events – and definitely just as real.

These events can be staged digitally in an excellent way:

  • Digital product launch
  • Shareholders’ and general meetings
  • Seasonal kick-off events
  • Digital trade fairs
  • Team building events
  • Desktop concerts, living room concerts
  • Art installations

Hybride Events – Best of both worlds

A hybrid event serves the target group of an event via two different communication channels: physical and digital. This creates an exciting concept that is simultaneously geared towards the audience in attendance and the viewers present digitally. This opens up countless possibilities. Unlimited participation and real-time interaction around the globe are just two of them.

The difference for the participants is usually evident in the supporting program. One example: During the welcome aperitif for the physical guests, the digital guests are introduced to the event theme with a backstage report. The participant groups merge for the main part of the event. This allows for a comprehensive brand experience, even if not everyone is present on site. There are also elegant solutions for interaction between groups of participants.

Advantages of hybrid events:

  • Comprehensive experience for all participants
  • Maximum reach
  • Flexible pricing for tickets
  • Lower travel costs and increased environmental sustainability
  • Replays can be prepared just in time
  • Evergreen event content thanks to replay options
  • More monetization options for the event (quicker breakeven)

Dramatic programs for digital events

Events work differently online than they do offline. Our digital lives have made us used to consuming media and information quickly and tailored to our needs. At the same time, distractions are always beckoning, and the presence of the other participants (who are all focused on one thing) is not always obvious.

This makes it all the more important that these factors are taken into account when designing the digital event: Individual contributions must not be too long, and the ratio of information to entertainment must be considered. The fewer interruptions the stream has, and the higher its quality, the easier it is for viewers to follow along.

Audience participation is another essential point. When participants are actively involved in the digital event, engagement increases immediately. A basic function is the chat, where participants can exchange information with each other or with the moderator. But it doesn’t stop there: from live quizzes and opinion polls to live broadcasts to other locations, everything is possible.

Locations for digital and hybrid events: Streaming studios from satis&fy

The right technology for your streaming event

In addition to planning the content, the right technology is another pillar of a successful event. This applies to streaming as well as face-to-face events. Thanks to our decades of experience in streaming and corporate events, we know what is important: Studios and actors are always suitably lit and miked in order to achieve the highest level of sound and image quality.  Platform for your streaming, tools for interactive audience participation, stage and studio sets (including custom built structures) as well as content creation and post-production are all available from a single source at satis&fy.

Our services for your digital event at a glance:

  • Production / post-production of the content in one of our showrooms and connected studios
  • Implementation of hybrid events using our own event locations
  • Broadcast to various venues worldwide
  • Integration of interactive tools
  • Provision of streaming packages tailored to your needs, including production technology, set construction and support
  • Provision of downstream sets including screens, LED walls and projectors
  • Coordination of streaming showrooms
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