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Production equipment for sporting events and large-scale events

When sports turn into events, the right technology and expertise are indispensable.

Artists inspire side by side with athletes, stages transform into arenas, festival flair accompanies competitive sports – with suitable production, set and scenery construction, advertising design and a high level of expertise on the part of all contractors, all the components have to come together to make one event.

Because in addition to athletic performances, which must have suitable sound and lighting concepts, there is a lot more to major sporting events than meets the eye: A supporting program composed of half-time shows, opening or closing ceremonies, hospitality areas, special equipment solutions in the sports arena, and creative ideas for breathtaking locations.


satis&fy – your partner for sports events

Sporting events bring together people and nations. And on the service side, too, all contributing service providers have to mesh perfectly with each other.

Thanks to our expertise in live entertainment, we are used to preparing coherent, tour-ready systems, as well as thinking through and optimizing logistical processes in detail. Particularly at large events that feature an additional supporting program, it’s not just about having the right technology. When it comes to brief performance spots, a fully functional structure has to be set up, before being once again dismantled to give way to the athletes. Design elements become advertising opportunities for sponsors, partner lounges. Meanwhile, “Nation Homes” invite participants to relax and network. satis&fy supplies all elements from a single source. We design sporting event scripts with impact. And we know how to realize them, both technically and visually – from the kickoff to the final goal. For special requirements posed by locations or specific sports, we have our experienced custom design team.

We have already had the pleasure of supporting the following sporting events:

Invictus Games 2023 \ Ruhr Games 2023 \ Bad Homburg Open and other WTA tournaments \ NFL Games Frankfurt \ World Athletics Championships since 1997 \ Stadium opening of the Veltins Arena \ Olympic Games since 2004 \ Season openings and highlight matches of the BVB \ Eintracht Frankfurt \ World Basketball Festival \ World Cup

Opening and closing ceremonies

Sports mean emotion. And big-scale sports mean big-scale emotions. It’s wrapped up in not just the athletic performances, but also before and after competitions. Opening and closing ceremonies are live entertainment at its best. Often there are several artists or speakers, sponsor cameos, dance ensembles, and big shows pre- and post-event.

satis&fy is by your side as the one-stop solution partner in live entertainment. We know which show designs work in stadiums, how production has to be planned in order to master even short change-over slots, and how to inspire the audience – from scenic design and stage construction to lighting, video production and sound.

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Invictus Games 2023_satis-fy_Closing_HelgeTscharn_DSC3348

Versatile lighting

Large sporting events require multifunctional lighting designs, because the lighting involved is just as diverse as the sporting events involved. From effect lighting in the boxing ring to field lighting for team sports, we provide radiant moments in compliance with applicable DIN standards and broadcast requirements. Often, thanks to the expertise of our lighting technicians and specialist planners, it is even possible to repurpose the lights for show interludes. In this way, we not only implement the event itself, we also guarantee ecological and economic sustainability for our customers.

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Invictus Games Düsseldorf 2023 - Day 4
Invictus Games 2023_satis-fy_Closing_HelgeTscharn_DSC3356

Sound engineering and public address systems for large sporting events

One of our focuses at sporting events is making sure commentators and moderators can be heard clearly. But our services go even further. From stadium broadcast systems to festival setups and sound design for ceremonies involving orchestras, dance groups or brass bands, we supply the right PA systems for every location and every event.

In addition, if required, we can handle frequency management at your event so that communication between organizers, service providers and partners runs smoothly and without delay. This includes a registration platform for the press and frequency allotments for their wireless cameras.

Exciting events from all angles

Sporting events fill stadiums – there may be one show, but it’s seen from many angles. A successful event must engage the audience, present photo- and film-ready moments for photographers and videographers, and give viewers in front of TVs and streaming services the feeling that they are there live. At satis&fy we know how to play stadiums – so everyone gets a piece of the action.

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Invictus Games 2023_satis-fy_Sport_HelgeTscharn_DSC2649 (1)

Corporate hospitality at your event

A touch of exclusivity and places of refuge are indispensable at dynamic sporting events. This is where hospitality comes into play. Custom-branded and accompanied by multimedia assets, hospitality can boost brands’ market awareness and take shared (down)times to another level. For your partners and sponsors, hospitality becomes a brand flagship and an effective marketing space. satis&fy has been creating emotional brand experiences for decades and lets the brand experience of your VIP lounge shine.

BVB has relied on satis&fy for years to furnish their hospitality areas for events.

2023 WTA Bad Homburg Open, Bad Homburg

Customized structures at major sporting events

To put athletes in the foreground, we focus on the stuff in the background. Victory podiums for individual competitors as well as for teams of all sizes; ramp construction to enable barrier-free access; or camera gear that relies on rollable frames with special air–filled tires to avoid damaging the stadium turf – in its in-house workshops, satis&fy produces creative solutions for every new challenge. From your inquiry to the award ceremony – and beyond.

Borussia Dortmund - Ajax Amsterdam

Logistics service for sporting events

Thanks to our global network of locations and long-standing partners, we are able to plan and act quickly, efficiently and sustainably when it comes to transporting and holding materials. As early as the conception stage, we are thinking about the logistics of loading and unloading. We equip trucks and gear with color codes and scannable identifiers so we can deliver at the site while hitting the mark in quality, budget and time. Major sporting events in particular benefit from our interdisciplinary design and conception, as this allows us to hit the ground running when setting up and breaking down production – all without disturbing the major-league activities going on nearby in stadiums and sporting halls.

Invictus Games 2023_satis-fy_Aufbau_HelgeTscharn_DSC2230
Invictus Games 2023_satis-fy_Aufbau_HelgeTscharn_DSC1616
Invictus Games 2023_satis-fy_Aufbau_HelgeTscharn_DSC2308_web

At a glance: Your service provider for sports events in Europe and the world!

From the opening ceremony to the award ceremony – satis&fy makes your sporting event a success. Get to know us and our expertise! Try us!


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