Hybrid events

Hybrid events - best of both worlds

The hybrid event combines the best of the digital and physical worlds. It is the ideal solution for offering event participants a comprehensive experience and achieving maximum reach. It also gives optimal planning security in the current situation. Plan hybrid and – if the current situation does not allow it – alternatively hold the event exclusively digitally. A win-win situation for organizers and event participants.

satis&fy offers attractive all-in-one hybrid event packages in its own studios or at your desired location, including a protection concept for events. More reach, more planning reliability – all from a single source.


“Plan hybrid and address your physical and digital audience optimally.”

What is a hybrid event?

A hybrid event serves the target group of an event via two different communication channels: physically on site and digitally via the web. This creates an exciting concept that simultaneously targets the on-site audience as well as the digitally present audience.

This opens up countless possibilities. Boundless participation and real-time interaction around the globe are just two of them.

The difference for the participants is usually seen in the supporting program. Here is an example:

During the welcome aperitif of the physical guests, the digitally present viewers are introduced to the event theme with a backstage report. For the main part of the event, all participants meet each other.

This allows for a comprehensive brand experience even if not all participants are present on site. Elegant solutions are also available for interaction between the groups of participants.

Benefits of hybrid events

  • Planning security through digital & physical planning
  • Comprehensive experience for all participants
  • Achievement of maximum reach
  • Different pricing options for ticketing
  • Reduction in travel expenses
  • Just-in-time preparation for the replay
  • Ideal follow-up of the event thanks to digital replay options


Would you like to know how a physical or digital event concept can be developed into a hybrid one? We design a modern event according to your needs that optimally addresses your goals and intentions while reaching the target group as desired.

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