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Sustainable event implementation: Show Green

Sustainable events with satis&fy

Factors in sustainable event planning

Any event – roadshow or trade fair, festival or conference, large or small – can be sustainable.

With Show Green, we show you how.

t is our answer to the growing need for sustainable event planning and implementation. Our goal is events with continuously decreasing CO2 emissionsand waste. Sustainable resource management, both on the part of employees and in terms of the materials used, is at the top of our agenda. In order for us to put your event on a sustainable footing, the time factor is especially important: Plan well ahead of time = consume less.

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"Show Green" - One product, lots of change

We’re thinking of sustainability right from the start:

  • Early order confirmations allow us to shorten logistics routes and request sustainable materials, taking into account supply chain sourcing and our environmental goals, rather than resorting to “emergency” solutions. And with our consulting services, we ensure that the course for resource conservation is set from the start.
  • We use and re-use high quality equipment that is well maintained, regularly serviced by qualified personnel, and kept in good working order. Cooperation with carefully selected partners allows for synergies and strengthens the economy and the environment

Sustainability in the event industry is first and foremost a question of organization. With the one-stop solution from satis&fy, we create the perfect conditions for sustainable event implementation. Here we combine sustainability and efficiency like with no other tool in the event industry – by combining all disciplines under one roof, organizers can quickly access resources and expertise. This is how we’re able to reduce interfaces and give in-house experts access to the right contractors to achieve the most sustainable and optimized solution for customers and the environment.

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Workshops and consulting on sustainable event management and planning

A little more for a little less.

More knowledge =
less resource consumption =
more sustainability

Therefore, in addition to events, we also offer workshops and consulting directly within your company. Want to learn more about sustainable events? Want to get your team acquainted with sustainability topics? Or are you looking for a sustainable concept for an event?

We would be happy to visit you and advise you or your entire team. We provide input, inform you about the latest technologies and handle your sustainable event organization.

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Noticeably sustainable - what we have already changed

Transformation in the lifecycle of molton

On our own initiative, we changed the lifecycle of molton fabric. This roughened cotton fabric, which serves as stage fabric or decorative fabric, used to be made from scratch for each event and discarded after one use. Today, the fabric is used as often as possible for different purposes and then returned to our suppliers. There our molton is recycled and a new molton is made from the resulting material, which we use again for events.

Fixed installations in partner locations

Trusses, lighting and sound systems are permanently installed in our partners’ venues. This shortens planning time, so that even shorter-notice events can be realized with significantly lower CO2 emissions, since transport costs and personnel deployment are minimized.

Clean waste separation

What works well in the private home often falls by the wayside in the office, yet clean and proper waste separation is an essential step toward sustainability. We have therefore completely removed trash cans from our offices. In our offices, we regularly separate into four classes. But that’s nothing compared to what we do with event waste: That we separate into 23 waste fractions! Thus, we’re not only acting with a view toward ecological sustainability, but also in the spirit of economic sustainability.

Natural History Museum Berlin

We have been a partner of the Natural History Museum in Berlin for many years and have been able to get to know the customers’ requirements there for a good while. As a result, we’ve decided to commit more strongly to the spirit of conservation with third-party events in the museum. For example, through proactive customer consultations, we were able to demonstrate the advantages of modular daises and carpet tiles and thereby avoid excessive use of resources. This example shows that sustainability does not necessarily make an event more expensive.

Shareholders’ meetings – focus on sustainability

Sustainability is a top priority at Borussia Dortmund. Again in 2022, satis&fy supported the general assembly and shareholders’ assembly for the BVB. Resource conservation was in focus from the very start: Graphic elements were selected for reusability, disposable items were reduced, stage fronts and other facings were built from wood for reuse, and curtains and furniture were rented.