Messebau | Der Messestand für Markforged auf der Formnext 2021

For engineers, by engineers

Markforged at Formnext 2021

Bigger, smarter, hotter – that’s what Markforged engineers say about their FX20. A world fist in 3D printing presented by the American company at the Formnext trade fair in Frankfurt. At Markforged people are passionate about printing; Engineers are convinced that additive manufacturing can revolutionize entire industries and a digital platform that connects 3D printers, software and materials.

Markforged has grown fast since it was founded in 2013 as a dynamic young start-up. Their enthusiasm is fuelled by an unwavering belief in their products and, above all, the benefits they hold for the industry. First and foremost, the new flagship product: The FX20 – the largest, fastest and most intelligent 3D printer that Markforged has produced to date.

Our task and our claim for the Markforged booth at Formnext 2021 is based on this: bigger, smarter, hotter! Take the core of the company and its products, visualize it and let it shine over the trade fair.


UPDATE 2023: Out of the Box

In 2023, Markforged once again relied on the expertise of the satis&fy team and placed its trust in our complete service for its trade fair stand at Formnext. This time they had a very special request. With the launch of a new 3D printer, the FX10, Markforged needed our assistance in turning their launch vision into a reality.

What was their goal? Esther Flicker, Marketing Campaign Manager at Markforged: “Our goal was to re-create the ‘unboxing’ experience with a massive crowd – going beyond expectations by captivating visitors with a never-before-seen reveal at the tradeshow—one that would be spoken about long after the event’s end.”

For the unboxing, a 1.23 x 1.23 x 2.15 meter wooden-look crate was made and placed on a hexagonal stage. This deliberate decision to create a contrast to the otherwise very modern and all-black stand made a really eye-catching statement. During the reveal, the box not only moved upwards, but the side wings opened in parallel to reveal our customer’s latest product highlight.

“satis&fy did a phenomenal job in transforming our vision into a reality – all while making the hard work seem effortless. We’re incredibly grateful that they went beyond our expectations.”

– Esther Flicker, Marketing Campaign Manager – EMEA, Markforged


From design to reality - satis&fy rounds up multiple departments to achieve greatest impact

Planning for the trade fair stand at Formnext was carried out in the same way as with the Markforged 3D printers: First came the design, then the reality. Since satis&fy could frame the entire process in-house, the first step lay with Creation. Even before the first rendering, considerations about the stand’s placement and the individual circumstances entered the design process:

  • Where is the stand positioned within the exhibition hall?
  • How is the flow of visitors?
  • At what point do potential clients meet Markforged?
  • What colors and designs are the other exhibitors working with and how can Markforged and the FX20 stand out?
  • Are there specific regulations on the exhibition grounds?

In addition, we acted with a “international mindset” both in the planning and implementation process. Because at Markforged – as an American client without a branch in Germany – it was important for us to offer not only our logistics, but also our consultancy competence: Which existing exhibition equipment should be shipped from the USA? When is it more sensible and more sustainable to rent equipment locally in Germany? How do we adapt the booth’s design to the introduction of the FX20 to the world and the European market while meeting customer requirements: real interaction and interactivity at the booth, space for meetings, discussions and exchanges, a “stage” for the FX20?


Brand USP as an eye catcher

„Markforged has long had yellow as an accent color in their CI, but rarely used it. It was ideal for the exhibition stand and not only because it emphasizes the brand’s USP!”

A highlight of the brand new FX20 is the striking yellow ring made of endless carbon, with which the 3D printer encases the elements to be produced. It quickly became clear to us that this highlight should lead the design. A yellow outline as an eye-catcher around the 220-square meter stand and well thought-out color accents are the striking results of this consideration.

Our Creation team: “Markforged has long had yellow as an accent color, but rarely used it. It was ideal for the exhibition stand and not only because it emphasizes the brand’s USP. The human eye can perceive yellow best, because it lies exactly in the middle wavelength range of the color spectrum. We also found out that only one other exhibitor in the hall works with a yellow shade on their stand. Perfect for drawing attention to Markforged.

After our consultation, the customer changed their mind for a main stand with an extended streamline space inside, open to trade fair visitors on three sides.

“The placement at the trade fair was actually perfect, but with the concept initially envisioned, majority of the visitors would have walked towards a side wall of the stand – not ideal obviously. With the new design, Markforged was able to centrally welcome interested parties and directly interact with them. Exactly as requested,” continues the responsible person from the creation team.


Highlighting the Highlight – from Concept to Finale

The aim was to combine the brand’s USP, customer wishes and trade fair requirements into one design piece. In accordance with the principles of 3D printing and additive manufacturing, layer by layer was carefully laid on top of one another. To achieve this without delay and hurdles, all relevant departments at satis&fy worked hand in hand. Smooth communication was important because there were only 6 weeks from the first customer inquiry to the start of the trade fair. The creation team was in constant contact with project management, production and our experts for scenery, light and audio.

Because of the tight schedule, it was incredibly beneficial to outline the entire process in-house. We see ourselves as a vertical event service provider where all departments work together. Just how well this works was displayed very nicely in this project. Creation’s ideas could be discussed directly with the Secnic and Fabrication team and checked for feasibility. That resulted in fewer coordination rounds and eliminating time loss and therefore less stress for everyone, ” says Julia Böge, project manager of this production.

We see ourselves as a vertical event service provider where all departments work together. “


The final stand has proven that:

  • Bigger, smarter, hotter: the FX20 was appropriately staged on a pedestal. The LED hexagon above the stand reflected the versatility of the brand and product, and reinforced the USP of the 3D printer: endless fiber, reinforcement – here the circle is literally full.
  • The FX20 unveil moment was atmospherically accentuated with moving lights.
  • In addition to the Markforged printer fleet on display, there was plenty of space for conversation and interaction. At the Markforged stand, products should not just be viewed, but, more importantly, experienced. Visitors could take the prints in their hands, let the haptics and optics merge, and interact with the attending engineers from Markforged. The motto “for engineers, by engineers” has come to life here.
  • The details on the stand also told the Brand story: drinks were “printed” on Intellifridges. The displays integrated into the refrigerator doors mimicked the printing process of a 3D print – only that at the end there was a drink.
  • Of course, the classic exhibition elements could not be missing either: From flooring to furniture construction to rigging, effects and lighting as well as sound systems for the stand and video technology for the LED wall and the hexagon; everything provided by a single source for Markforged.
  • That little bit more: Particularly practical for a customer who has no German or European roots: We also took care of the small things, which nevertheless make up a large part of the total scope of work. From printed napkins and barista inquiries for the stand’s bar to restaurant recommendations for the Markforged employees, satis&fy was the one-stop solution.

Your trade fair concept is our incentive

Whether you want a stand that strengthens interaction with your customers through interactive elements and multi-touch solutions, a trade fair appearance that makes your product emotionally tangible with great ease, or one that follows an ecologically and socially sustainable approach:

We design exhibition stands of the highest quality and design. We combine technical know-how with outstanding structural craftsmanship for a coherent and authentic brand experience.

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What has always driven us? The WOW factor! Because that’s what it’s about, isn’t it?

  • Conceptual development of trade fair appearances
  • Planning, fabrication and construction of high quality stage sets, displays and individual objects
  • Design, planning, prototyping and construction of retail properties
  • Furniture production in series and as individual items
  • 3D visualizations and colored construction plans
  • Advertising technology (LFP, lamination, assembly, etc.)
  • 3D logos and fonts (illuminated / unlit)
  • Graphics editing and creation
  • Stage planning and construction

Photos: Anna Imm Photography