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The internet of the CNC industry

Satis&fy at EMO for

From the 18th until the 23rd of September, presented themselves at the exhibition “EMO” in Hannover according to the motto “The Internet for the CNC Industry”.

For the booth at the EMO in Hannover, satis&fy came up with many ideas for the conception, the design and the implementation. After all, the booth should stand out at the most important exhibition for metal processing and present the young business adequately.

The triangular form, which is hidden in the fox head logo, has been used consistently in the booth design. The three terminals with an iMac as workstation placed on each and the self-created induction charging station for the guests’ mobile phones reflected the logo. The reception desk, the bar and the lounge furniture harmonized with the overall booth concept as well and invited the guest to stay for a while. The LED-lines, which were embedded in the ground and consisted of 36.000 individually controlled LEDs, represented the global networking through Special eyecatchers were the two LED walls from Leditgo with a 2.9mm pixel pitch, on which presentations and movies were shown via a Watch-Out and Encore E2-System. A special challenge had been the three-dimensional wall design, which included a five-meter-wide self-luminous logo that exceeded the LED wall by almost one meter. All in all, about 350 square meters of stretch material had been used and were mounted in aluminum profiles.

The EMO in Hannover is considered to be leading fair in the machine tool industry.

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