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satis&fy soldiers on, Swarovski sparkles

Swarovski’s New Collection Presentation, or NCP for short, is a highlight on the Austrian jewelry maker’s calendar. It’s imperative that nothing would derail an event as important as this to the firm. But things unseen and unforeseen can put paid to even the best-laid plans. 

Swarovski’s headquarters at Männedorf on the Lake Zurich shore is a futuristic vision of airy architecture with lots of glass. A stunning location, every year it hosts an exclusive presentation of the company’s new collection. Jewelry, watches, home accessories and figurines put a lovely finishing touch on all things beautiful. It’s a semiannual pilgrimage for managers from around the world who are keen to see what’s new. This is a brand whose natural habitat extends to the rarified world of entertainment, and this three-day showcase offered a slice of show business at its best.

The third such outing for satis&fy, it was one of those exercises in creativity where ideas, wishes and solutions are swatted back and forth like tennis balls until everyone walks away satisfied. Our crew designed the stage, rehearsed with the presenters, and decked out the rooms where workshops were held. Lighting, AV and camera equipment were selected to furnish a lean, stylish platform on which the creations unveiled in presentations and workshops could shine. Although elegance was the word, this show wasn’t short on eye-catchers–witness the whopping split-screen wall featuring a 3x3 set of modules. Even so, the idea was for the message, visuals and videos rather than the medium to get all the attention, so the crew rolled out a rig in plain black and slim stainless steel. The creative workshops were held in settings that captured the vibe of a TV studio and a showroom. And whenever an event is all about jewelry and glamour, a fashion show has to figure prominently. 

The story could end there. Everything was neatly planned out, apart from the usual impromptu changes. That’s nothing that would rearrange the insides of seasoned pros, but the nasty little virus that floored seven of our crew certainly was. What to do? Take a deep breath, recruit emergency replacements from all available satis&fy staff, and fly them in pronto. Then put in a few night shifts, whistle as if it’s all in a day’s work, and wrap up the preparations on schedule. That may cause blood pressure to spike, but it also invites a lot of backslapping and smiles all around. Swarovski’s glamorous showcase sparkled, outshining even the shimmer of Lake Zurich’s crystal waters. The show did indeed go on.

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