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satis&fy at the Climate Change Conference in Bonn

The 23rd United Nations Climate Change Conference was held in Bonn from 6 to 17 November 2017. This was attended by representatives of all countries who signed the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. The international conference of all agreement parties is also known as COP23, for short (Conference of the Parties) and is the biggest interstate conference ever held in Germany. The concept, “One conference – two zones” involved a so-called “Bula Zone” in which the negotiations took place and a “Bonn Zone” on the Blumenwiese park in the Rheinaue in which events on climate protection were held in temporary buildings which had been set up especially for the conference. The topics at this big meeting in North Rhine-Westphalia included climate change, climate protection and the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

Joint bid
In a bidding consortium together with Neumann & Müller, satis&fy AG won the tender procedure of the Climate Change Conference in Bonn for the complete event technology. Neumann & Müller was responsible for the sound, video and simultaneous presentation technology whilst satis&fy was responsible for the lighting technology and rigging. After the tender call was completed at the end of July and it was certain that the bidding consortium would be part of this important event, no time could be lost as the first truss sections had to be installed in Bonn only one month later.

Perfect interplay between the branches
The satis&fy team, on behalf of Vagedes & Schmid, the prime contractor for the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB), worked on the implementation of the COP23 for three months. The assembly began at the end of August, ten weeks before the conference was due to start. The team included employees from project management, crew booking and project assistance, two management employees from Lighting & Rigging as well as two warehouse logistics specialists of which four employees were on-site almost the entire time. A total of more than 1,700 shifts were planned which, with 90 working days, meant around 20 people per day. The cooperation between several satis&fy branches was particularly successful in this project as the Berlin as well as the Düsseldorf and Karben branches were involved. In this, Berlin assumed the overall project management, crew booking, assistance, fifty per cent of  the technical management as well as the on-site warehouse logistics. Düsseldorf, meanwhile, assumed the remaining technical management and scheduling. Materials buying and logistics in both the planning process as well as on-site was the responsibility of the Karben satis&fy team.

Positive cooperation with other service providers
The cooperation between the different trades – from the marquee construction company, electrician and heating company as well as the exhibition stand builder and furniture supplier, to name only a few – was also a highlight as this went smoothly from start to finish and had a positive influence on the work in many respects.

Impressive figures
The facilities of such a big and diverse event do, of course, require a great deal of equipment. Forty trailer loads were therefore needed for transporting the equipment which included more than 10,000 metres of trusses and 6,000 lamps. Small camps in the form of tents and ocean freight containers were also set up in between the marquee areas and production containers for flexible working within the security zone and to ensure any spontaneous shortages or changes could be dealt with. satis&fy alone generated and used a total of 200 square metres storage space for spare materials.

Sensitive site
It is, of course, hardly surprising that such a long project also brings certain challenges with it particularly as it should all take place outdoors. To protect the park and lawn areas of the Rheinaue, for example, lorries were not permitted to drive up to the tents. All the equipment was, therefore, unloaded in specially set up logistics zones from where it was taken to the intended tent entrances by means of fork lifts. However, this involved much more personnel for loading and unloading, longer paths for the materials and much more work within logistics and personnel management. The empty stuff also had to be taken out of the tent areas in the same way and delivered again before dismantling. 

The obligations of sustainability
Resource friendly work was ensured also in all other areas as the sustainable focus of the conference was a central element of the concept. As the delivered material belonged to the own rental park, there were no consumable or disposable products. The resource friendly use of electricity was also ensured – day and night lighting were used, for example, and only the areas which were in use were illuminated.

Positive conclusion
On a project lasting three months in which you are working almost the entire day and night with colleagues, self-employed technicians and other companies it is, of course, evident that nerves may end up a little frayed. However, despite this, the Climate Change Conference 2017 project in Bonn was an immense success for satis&fy especially as it all went so smoothly from start to finish and all involved did a great job together.

© BMUB/Dominik Ketz


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