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Nine new vocational trainees join satis&fy in Karben

The crew behind Karben-based satis&fy AG Deutschland (satis&fy) was reinforced last week. Nine new trainees climbed aboard for their first official day of work at the production company on August 1st. Four are seeking to earn qualifications as event equipment specialists, two as visual marketing designers, and one as a freight forwarding and logistics services clerk. Two young women are aiming to become event management assistants.

An orientation week prepared the newcomers for their training programs. The first day kicked off with a round of introductions followed by a briefing that provided all the key facts about the company. Instructors Kai Bilges and Christine Dietz then took the new apprentices on a tour of the enterprise’s buildings and halls. A question and answer session with the instructors and other second and third-year trainees ensured that none of the young trainees’ questions and concerns went unanswered. Videos of recent events were also shown to give the newbies a first glance at the enormous effort involved in setting up and tearing down the gear for major events. Lunch was taken at the neighboring Quellenhof.

This week, a company rally awaits the trainees. Four new apprentices from satis&fy’s Werne subsidiary will also be joining the crew. Christine Dietz says that this event affords the trainees the opportunity to get to know and network with each other. She added that the newbies are highly motivated, having a great time, and have already set themselves some lofty goals. 18-year-old Marcel Carrette says he wants to become Hesse’s best event technician in a few years time. Emilija Scharfenort, a 21-year-old from Neu-Isenburg, wants to earn her visual marketing designer qualifications by finishing among the top 3 in the Chamber of Commerce’s rankings.

satis&fy has been a staunch advocate of vocational training for many years; the firm currently employs 25 trainees in Karben, 13 in Werne, and 6 in Berlin

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