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Nike Presents Jerseys for 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup in France

satis&fy sets the stage for Nike’s press launch

Nike unveiled the team uniforms for the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup in France at the Palais Brongniart in Paris during a press conference held on March 11. With 30 of the world's top female soccer players on hand to model the jerseys for the 14 competing countries, the company also presented the latest Nike Women's training and sportswear collection for the spring/summer season. The sporting goods manufacturer took advantage of this opportunity and the strong media turnout to send a powerful message about women in sports.  This event was more than merely a showcase for women's soccer; it also addressed issues such as equality, body positivity, diversity and sustainability. While the Paris agency Villa Eugénie, which specializes in fashion shows, handled the uniforms’ unveiling, Nike had tasked satis&fy AG to apply its craft and quality standards to the interior design and furnish the lighting for the building’s façade and columns. The company deployed to Paris with a crew of 50, including 30 decorators and scenic builders, and 7 trailers full of equipment.

Striking the right balance  

Nike had chosen the perfect setting for these products, the imposing Palais Brongniart. However, as satis&fy project manager Julia Böge is well aware, “The lovelier the location, the harder it is to stage a production.” Nike sent its ideas and first drafts of its designs in mid-February, less than four weeks before the official press event. Then the satis&fy team’s planners were off to the races, conducting structural analyses for the building, compiling equipment and crew lists, and drawing up blueprints for exhibits, artworks and special builds. The company also provided all the other services its reputation is built on, including audio, lighting, video and rigging, says Böge, the 29-year-old events expert tasked to watch over all this before and during the event. 

Mirror, mirror on every wall

Nike's design aimed to underscore the Palais’ architectural highlights; satis&fy found a way to put this brief into practice with reflective surfaces. The company custom-built all the risers, artworks, displays and individual exhibits used in the various rooms for the press event. “Some of the objects we covered with chrome, others with mirror-finished foil, and still others we metallized,” says Böge. The crews in Germany and France also coated 60 mannequins with a finish to match the event’s signature mirrored look. A local supplier was hired to clad punching bags, benches, clothing racks and other fittings in the Apparel & Sneaker Room in leather. “Time was very tight for this event, so our Frankfurt production team put in quite the performance to finish up all the special builds,” says Julia Böge, clearly delighted with this remarkable feat. 

Multicolored trusses

Adding another eye-catching detail to the Apparel & Sneaker Room’s interior design, the company also incorporated Eurotruss beams that were powder-coated to match the customer's chosen color scheme. The manufacturer applied this coating. “If we done the painting, it would have voided the beams’ certification and we would no longer have been able to use them as trusses,” says Böge. The crew also masked all of the Palais’ windows with mirror-finished foil to keep light from streaming in. The team also fitted the outdoor staircases with 270 battery-powered Astera AX3 spotlights and set up two indoor LED walls with a 2.9 millimeter pixel pitch.  


The crew had twelve hours to tear down and box up the set after the three-hour press event wrapped up and the building emptied. The project manager says the local logistical hurdles were not easy to clear: “Like all other suppliers, we were only allowed to load and unload through one access point in the building. We used forklifts to hoist big equipment over the fence. There were 250 people in the building while we were tearing down, all going in and out through the same passageway. Twenty trailers were standing by in front of the Palais, all of which had to be loaded up by a certain time. The moment that last truck door finally shut was one of those enduring “wow” experiences that stays with you.” She says the team was yet again the key to the project’s success: “Had it not been for our peerless crew and its painstaking effort, we would never have made it with timing as tight as this.”

Photos: Nike

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