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Nike Phenomenal House

“I love watching football,” says Netherlands native Marina Charalambous. Nonetheless, this Project Manager at satis&fy’s Dutch branch in Hilversum has a more hands-on relationship with the sport than the typical couch potato who indulges rather more passively in this pastime during the World Cup. Marina captained a technically gifted team of select experts to success during preparations for the World Cup. It took a little finesse to get the tricky tactics right and a lot of personality to keep the ball rolling when it came down to crunch time. And like all great coaches, she had to master the art of building a team, getting it to commit to a common goal, and leading it to victory.

All these virtues were suddenly very much in demand when her first big job for satis&fy dropped in her lap. Setting the stage for the Nike Phenomenal House during the run-up to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, one of the sporting goods manufacturer’s main events of the year, was certainly a high-profile gig. The situation was far from ideal for the team, but coach Marina had the temerity to take the event’s slogan – “Fearless Football – Risk Everything!” – literally. The crew, painstakingly assembled by Marina, had to contend with a dauntingly tight schedule. If there was ever time to act locally, this was it. Marina says, “For this job I remained situated in Hilversum, Netherlands, for the duration of pre-production; whereas the other team members involved in this project were based in our headquarters at Karben, Germany.” The personal give and take, which is so important in this line of business, was relegated to satis&fy’s powerful digital communications network. It offers one of many tactical options to adapt to challenging circumstances. As Marina explains it, “We openly communicated our problems, thoughts, worries, theories, and while doing so everyone left his or her ego at the door.” In a brilliant play that defied long odds, the team succeeded in prefabricating the entire set in Karben and shipping it safely to London for assembly on site. Decór Project Leader Uwe Kannengießer and Technical Director Frank Simon confirm that this exercise in exhibit construction was a performance worthy of the World Cup: “We, and Marina especially, needed to muster a tremendous amount of tact and patience to meet our lofty standards for quality visuals, function and safety.”

And as befits a good team leader, Marina attributed this success to the entire team: “This was not a one-man show; it was a collage of team effort and creativity! We just happened to be lucky enough to click as a team.” Coach Marina still merits special mention. Although she has only worked for satis&fy since October 2013, the company’s strategy has already become second nature to her. This project was a textbook example of cross-site CES (competence, efficiency and service) in action. Marina could teach many a soccer coach a thing or two about tactical nous.

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