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LINA's UZR Tour 2019

LINA’s 2019 UZR Tour Sets Out with satis&fy AG and CUE Design on Board

LINA took her UZR show out to fans in 16 cities throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland, with the first gig on March 6 in Kiel and the final show on March 28 in Hanover. UZR is shorthand for a German phrase that means just for the sake of rebellion.  

satis&fy tech and crews were on board for the tour. CUE Design’s Gunther Hecker masterminded the show.

satis&fy's service package included video equipment, set-building services, a crew staffed with lighting and LED technicians and set-builders, and trucking.

The jewel in the design crown was a truss arranged in a symmetrical, four-meter isosceles triangle equipped with Astera AX1 PixelTubes. Upright versions of these light-sabre-like batons dotted the stage floor. The band performed on a split-level 12-meter stage. The set was covered in LEDs (SB 10), with a three-meter wide glittery staircase at the center rising to a height of 1.2 meters. Visible from afar, the 12-by-3 meter LED backdrop composed of Mirage LEDs served as a video project screen.

After three albums, two Echo award nominations and four tours, 21-year-old former child actor Lina has clearly left the trappings of her role as Bibi Blocksberg behind and has made her mark as an artist in her own right.

The show and set hit the spot with its teen pop/rock target audience. Crowds were in the same buoyant mood that pervades Lina’s hit track “Fan von Dir,” and the production as such went swimmingly. The singer seconded that notion with words of praise at the end of the tour: “I am very grateful to have been on tour with such a great team. Thanks for the support and the great stage.”


Photo credit: Danny Jungslund / Uwe Müller

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