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Lift me up

satis&fy staged an open house to afford insights into the company and reveal several brainchild innovations the outside world had yet to see.

Karben, April 15, 2019. When satis&fy sent out invitations to its first LIFT showcase at the Dögelmühle headquarters, this elevating consumer experience met with great success. More than 500 visitors heeded the call, with partners, customers and other interested parties flocking to the location on April 2 and 3 to see what the company gets up to every day. Even the workforce showed up in force, families in tow, to tour the showcase’s 20+ stations. Few had reckoned with a turnout as strong as this.

satis&fy is not just another production company. Sure, it provides event and media equipment, architectural services and room-in-room installations, but it can do so much more than that. It is a prestigious think-tank that turns up great idea; a foundry that hammers out innovations. The company has earned its wings as a leading specialist for live communication and its rep as a major international player. The industry knows satis&fy is a creative workshop where new tech is born; where old tech is advanced, repurposed and reinvented in a completely new context to turn out products and applications unavailable anywhere else in the world.  

Fly Dragon, fly

A case in point is Dragon O, an unprecedented piece of tech developed by satis&fy. Unveiled to the public at the LIFT showcase, Dragon O is, technically speaking, a volumetric LED system. However, with its ability to render 3D images in a remarkably organic way – that’s what the O stands for – it looks and feels more like an otherworldly art object. The company combined Dragon O with Holoplot, a peerless audio system that uses wave-field synthesis to enable personalized sound reinforcement. This pairing created a truly stupendous installation at the event.  

Dragon O consists of 144,000 LEDs strung tightly on countless three-meter strands stretched across a box of two-by-three meter frames. This contraption renders moving images in a way the world has yet to see. At this demo, the lights swirled about like tiny dervishes before converging to take shape as a towering ballerina. The points of light drifted apart again, only to regroup as a fine Arab charger, the magnificent steed galloping in place as its virtual hooves kick up imaginary dust as they graze the poly floor. Then the horse disintegrated, morphing first into a ball, then a skull, before taking on the contours of an abstract object.

The deep thump of bass-heavy music underscored this spectacle of light as a soft voice emanating from everywhere and nowhere explained how all this works.

Equipped with the proper technology, this installation’s motion-sensing-and-capture capabilities can scan real objects and even people for the strands inside the box-like extensible frame to mimic in real time.  

New spheres

Dragon O has a no less impressive and similarly unique sibling, Ultrasphere. Another satis&fy brainchild, it is a huge rotating sphere mounted on a pedestal. Five projectors installed inside it beam images onto the sphere’s shell, which is made of a special plastic. An external projection conjures an image of a rotating globe that works like multi-touch interactive display.  

With this technology, satis&fy has succeeded in pushing the quality of images projected onto dome-shaped or spherical backdrops well beyond the 4k mark, leaving behind legacy technologies and the distorted images the project onto curved surfaces.  

New, newer, newest: Shop Window 2.0  

The unique Shop Window 2.0 is another idea that surfaced in the satis&fy creativity pool. It has but one thing in common with an ordinary shop window –  it too presents wares on offer. satis&fy’s proprietary 2.0 technology transforms everyday window dressing into a product showcase and a canvas for product info and advertising. Slated for release late this year, Shop Window 2.0 is particularly well-suited for upmarket stores that sell premium products such as jewelry.

No matter how hard visitors at the LIFT open house stared at the display case, the featured products inside remained indistinguishable. The milky white patina obscured the view, but product info and sparkling points of light could seen flickering across the hazy window. The clouds eventually parted to gradually reveal views of perfectly illuminated products framed by light strips and featured under a glittering shower of stars.  

Shop Windows 2.0 may also be equipped with satis&fy AirXTouch technology. Like a touchscreen, it lets shoppers operate a monitor behind even thick glass to transform the showcase into a point of sales. Navigate, select, click, buy – that’s all it takes.

No expense or effort spared

The company rolled out well over 50 metric tons of equipment to treat its guests to a rousing consumer experience. And there was much to see, touch and try out, including a host of exhibits available exclusively at satis&fy such as an interactive foosball table and OLED Wave, a rippling display that adds an eye-catching touch to lobbies and trade fair booths.

Other stations at the open house included Vennetilator, a signage solution that conjures king cobras, lettering, Spiderman and other free-floating images. The DeepFrame AR display created the illusion of dinosaurs stomping through the garden. Then there was the Living Buildings mapping application featuring fantastic imagery and color schemes. The king-size Tetris game rendered by a wall of 420 Astera AX5 lights shone so brightly that visitors needed sunglasses to play the game. Another highlight was the perfectly turned Diamond display case developed by Danish partners to reflect logos, product images and other info into its interior using mirrors and a special coating.  

Evocative lighting set the mood as the crowd grooved to the beats of tracks spun by a DJ and enjoyed tasty Hessian treats. The finger-food went down well with cool drinks from the distinctive satis coolers – refrigerators with doors that can serve as backdrops for any number of projections. All this was icing on the cake of a successful event that managed the rare feat of being interesting, informative, entertaining and exciting in one. All those who missed this year's Lift will be consoled by the news that the LIFT show is to be reloaded for 2020.

Photos: Anna Imm Photography

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