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Hockey Halleluja: satis&fy delivers technology for two top Red Bulls games

In December the EHC Red Bull Munich entered the Munich Olympia Halls to play in two top-ranked matches. On the 26th and 28th of December, the Red Bulls left their stomping grounds in the Munich ice rink to compete against the Augsburger Panthers and the Eisbären Berlin in the Olympia Hall, which had been transformed into an ice hockey arena. Not only were the surroundings fresh, but the show concept for the game intro from light designer Marc Lorenz offered something never before seen. satis&fy provided a part of the event technology and delivered special construction decoration.

Marc Lorenz, normally responsible for the fixed installations in the Munich ice rink, let a huge bell float down to the ice during the live performance of the song “Hells Bells” for the intro show. In the meantime, he orchestrated a showcase of fireworks pyrotechnics in the hall. “In the ice rink, there is always a projection on the ice during the intro of the games. We usually realize this with ten projectors controlled by five Catalyst Media servers. But that was logistically impossible in the Olympic Hall. That’s why I thought about something new to offer the visitors, players and the location a suitable frame,” explains the light designer.

For the show, Marc Lorenz relied on the Sharpy and the B-Eye K20 from Clay Paky. Additionally, four Mac Viper Profile spotlights and 24 Robe 2500 Color Wash from satis&fy’s light pool were used. Additionally, the company built up ca. 200 meters of Eurotuss cross beamers and provided the support rigging for the bell and the pyrotechnics. A C1-system to move the bell was also included in the service package. The house installation of the Olympia Hall had been expanded by satis&fy with 16 SB28 basses from L’Acoustics. Furthermore, the company supplied the hall with audio direction, including a connection for the guitarists and the direction communication, as well as an in-ear-monitoring. For the controlling of the gates, two Dome-Cams from the satis&fy material pool had been used. Another Dome-Cam was above the Center Bully to deliver special perspectives for the FanTV.

For the construction of the bell, the organization was supported by stage designer Jens Hübner from stagedesign. “The bell is made of a wood/steel frame and the body of Styrofoam, coated with a glass fiber layer,” Hübner explains. In total the bell weighed 40 kilos.


Photos: EHC Red Bull München


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