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Berlin Beckons as the Gateway to the World

DER Tourism’s Campus Summer Opening in the Capital

It’s a safe bet that November 11 and 12 were circled in bold neon colors on the 2016 kitchen calendars of folks in Germany’s travel industry. Those two days were earmarked for the annual extra­vaganza of DER Touristik Group, a giant in the travel and tourism sector with brands such as ITS, Jahn Reisen, Travelix, Dertour, ­Meier’s World Travel and ADAC Reisen. The 2015 event in Hamburg featuring pop singer Jan Delay had been a rousing success. A year later, some 1,400 industry professionals were invited to the nation’s capital to attend the Campus Summer Opening 2017, which was actually held in fall of 2016 to unveil the upcoming summer catalog. This presentation, informational events and meet-and-greets took place in the Theater des Westens with satis&fy providing the event architecture. An evening gathering for partner companies was held in the Adagio, with satis&fy also furnishing AV support for this ­partner location. Finally, Arena Berlin hosted the showcases of around 850 ­partner exhibitors from 54 countries.

Both days culminated in a grand gala event in the Kraftwerk, where industry professionals, DER Touristik staff and partners gathered to celebrate with the show’s MC, comedian Kaya Yanar. The party kicked into high gear after the gala dinner as revelers crowdes the dance floor. The stylish set and décor conjured a warm, ­welcoming vibe; a stark contrast to the rugged industrial charms of the ­Kraftwerk, a defunct power plant. A red carpet led to an upstairs banquet hall suffused with warm lighting and decked out with ­candelabras and flower arrangements by Flores y Amores. The chandeliers above the tables descended for dinner on cue, courtesy of motorized C1 systems installed by Cyberhoist. A choir of 20, a string quartet, a pianist, a taiko drum ensemble and a soprano singer performed music composed for the occasion, with sound reinforcement ­provided by d&b V- and Y-Series speakers and a Digico SD5 desk. No less extraordinary was the ­lighting for the five stages featuring 80 SGM Q7 LED floodlights, 80 Robe Pointes, 30 Martin Atomics, 14 Martin Mac Quantum ­Profiles, and halogen lamps.

The announcement of next year’s venue, Disneyland Paris, was ­eagerly awaited. Minnie and Mickey Mouse showed up for a ­cameo appearance that served as a preview to the 2018 Summer Campus Opening.
Rather than calling on an outside agency, DER Touristik has long ­relied on a capable team of in-house staff and freelancers to stage events. satis&fy also worked directly with the Group while efforts to plan this major project were underway.

DER Touristik tasked Andrés Cabral to handle the interior design, technical direction and procurement by tender. The initial brief of his counterpart at satis&fy, Andre Ganzlin, was to coordinate the technical services, but he soon took on more project management responsibility. He says that that was not a problem at all, given the “great support, especially from Lisa (Schwarzlose) from the back ­office and David (Neuhaus), the technical director in the Adagio.” Now the summer season can come and satis&fy hopes to be back in 2018 to say, “Bonjour, Paris.”

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