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Beauty and the beats

2018 LR Global Leader Convention & Annual Ball

LR Health & Beauty is one of Germany’s leading direct sales companies for the products mentioned in its name. When LR invites hundreds of distributors from 28 countries around the world to its Global Leader Convention and Annual Ball, it expects to treat guests to a soiree of style and substance. With that in mind, LR got in touch with us to see what we could deliver in the way of tech for the evening event of the LR sales partners’ summit meeting on November 17, 2018, in the Frankfurt Festhalle.

Brought on board during the planning phase, we contributed our creative input to make the event shine with the right amount of gloss and glitz for a company steeped in all things beauty. The stage design was our baby, and we rolled out all the scenic, AV, and lighting gear.

A fitting forum for celebrating the company's business success, the stage also hosted a show entitled “Michael Jackson - The Symphony Experience.” An orchestra brought the King of Pop to life with a mélange of classical arrangements with a touch of funk and soul. We rebuilt the stage in just 30 minutes to accommodate this refreshingly unusual act. The entire backline for the orchestra was standing by on roll risers behind the stage until we cleared the way with a movable wall, rolling the orchestra set front and center in a well-timed move. The show went swimmingly and the audience enjoyed the symphonic extravaganza in all its audio and visual glory. A DJ got the party pumping to wrap up the evening. Our production director discretely pulled the strings in the background with the crew working in stealth mode throughout the event.

The bottom line: Beethoven would surely have rolled over to tell Tchaikovsky the news: This event rocked, and LR and its many guests did indeed get lots of satisfaction. Thanks for having us on board.


Photos: Stefan Wildhirt

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