Studios for livestreaming and hybrid events

Customizable, extraordinary and ready to broadcast immediately

With Go.Digital, we not only offer our customers the ideal event platform for live streaming and hybrid events, but also diverse, temporary studio settings for online productions at our various locations.

Advantages of an inhouse-production

Our studios in Karben, Werne, Berlin and Frankfurt / Offenbach offer production possibilities not only for product presentations, interactive video presentations and webinars, but also for formats such as conferences, lectures, sales presentations or web TV.

  • Our studios are equipped with professional high-end lighting, sound and video technology.
  • There are various branding options. All backgrounds can be adapted to the corporate identity of companies and brands.
  • The studios are already completely set up. We are ready to broadcast in just a few simple steps and can start implementing digital live events straight away.
  • Our on-site experts ensure a successful execution and a high level of technical implementation on all productions.

The following temporary studios are available to you:


Plug & Play livestream studio in the capital

  • Approx. 100 square meters including additional room
  • Room-in-room frame construction for concealment and optimal acoustics
  • Already installed (W) 5.00m x (D) 2.00m x (H) 0.20m stage, including cladding
  • lighting suitable for cameras
  • Ready-to-play direction for livestream and recording
  • fast 50 Mbit internet connection
  • various branding options
  • Integration of PowerPoint, Keynote, video and audio recordings and social media channels possible via your own streaming system
  • Adjoining room for make-up, catering or preparation of the stream

The studio is suitable for webcasts, CEO talks, training courses, webinars, web TV.



400 square meters of live streaming power near Dortmund

  • Individually operational 5x3m LED wall with 2.9 mm pixel pitch
  • 6 x 75 displays
  • Modern video control with media server systems, workstations for mixing graphics and images as well as separate recording or streaming encoders
  • Atmospheric light for the effect of depth
  • Appropriate camera systems, whether manned or unmanned, are determined by the concept
  • Teleprompter systems as camera or preview prompters
  • 14 transmission lines
  • Integration of PowerPoint, Keynote, video and audio recordings and social media channels possible via your own streaming system
  • Fully air-conditioned studio
  • Extra catering area
  • Backstage rooms for the office and make-up

The streaming studio is suitable for CEO talks, product presentations, trade fairs, web TV, training courses, conferences and music videos, etc.



600 square meters of live event atmosphere meets digital possibilities

  • Speaker background can be individually designed
  • Playback technology for visuals, overlays and videos
  • Fast 300 Mbit internet connection
  • Recording
  • Multi camera setup
  • Individually designed stage sets
  • Integration of PowerPoint, Keynote, video and audio recordings and social media channels possible via your own streaming system
  • Large parking lot
  • Rooms for make-up & catering
  • Separate meeting rooms
  • Warehouse with technology inventory

Our studio at the FREDENHAGEN location is ideal for award ceremonies / award shows, corporate conferences, global leadership meetings, virtual general meetings, music videos, internal customer intranet information meetings and training sessions.



Pop-up studios in the immediate vicinity of Frankfurt (approx. 15 minutes by car)

  • Tiny studio with a total area of ​​2×3 meters
  • Showroom with a total area of ​​10 x 10 meters

Both studios can be equipped quickly and in a flexible manner with the relevant technology from the large technical inventory on site, e.g. with camera trains, camcorders, LED wall, Kinoflo, Switt Sky Panels, etc.


We can offer further studio options in Vienna and Zurich through our partner Habegger.

Mobile studios and venues

On broadcast from the customer location

If you prefer to broadcast from your own premises, that’s no problem with our mobile studio solutions. We build a functional studio with our modular components wherever you want. Also with small technical specifications and a selected crew in the living room of your CEO.

We offer the following services:

  • Is there no fast internet available on site? Our mobile routers with redundant LTE connections solve the problem.
  • Same sound and video quality for everyone, even with remote presenters? Our remote speaker kits are plug-and-play and can be shipped.
  • Multilingualism? With an on-site interpreter hub or remote interpreters from a central hub, we can include interpreter signals in any live event.
  • The graphic control is scalable and thus everything can be reproduced from lower thirds to to broadcast logos to on-air graphics such as openers, separators, charts and clips.
  • Wherever the remote presenter is delivering his speech from in the world, we can use return channels to send a custom preview with the speaker’s time display, teleprompter and other information, as if he were on stage locally and looking at a preview monitor.

In addition, we can rely on a network of other partner locations throughout Germany, such as WECC and Kraftwerk in Berlin or Westfalenhallen in Dortmund, in which we can also easily set up studios at any time.

Whatever your requirements, we are happy to support you in the realization of your next digital live event!