Our studio at HQ in Karben

Studio 3/3

Studio 3/3

Our Studio 3/3 is equipped with an extensive camera, sound and lighting set and can be expanded at any time from the large neighboring stock of rental equipment. Studio 3/3 is suitable for team speeches, webinars, digital product presentations and 1:1 interview situations, remote production hub and pre-recordings.

Due to the acoustic optimization of the room, there is no miking at the actors. A microphone array in the ceiling allows wireless sound pickup and gives maximum freedom to the actors in the studio.

Whatever your requirements, we are happy to support you in the implementation of your digital live event!

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  • 20 m² total area with circular horizon
  • action area (save area) 3m x 3m
  • individual round horizon
  • up to 2 persons in front of the camera
  • always ready for action
  • 500 Mbit/s (symmetrical) internet connection + backup