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One-Stop-Solution for Money20/20 Europe 2024

A long-term commitment, but new every time: satis&fy realizes the FinTech congress “Money20/20” in Amsterdam for the fourth time

Innovation with tradition

Since 2021, satis&fy has been a one-stop solution partner of Money20/20 Europe, which took place this year from June 4 to 6. Our work for the innovative FinTech congress in Amsterdam has almost become a tradition. A tradition of innovation, because the FinTech sector is changing rapidly, is fast-moving and versatile. This is reflected first in the requirements and then in our services – every time. This year’s congress was held under the motto “Human X Machine”. To this end, satis&fy provided inspiring designs for six stages as well as various common areas and accompanying elements at the show.

In addition, the portfolio of tasks has expanded once again compared to previous years. Besides consulting, conception, designs, renderings, set build and AV technology, this year satis&fy was also responsible for a part of the video content on the screens of the stages as well as the post-production of the stage recordings. Another first one at Money20/20: the brand new event performance analysis tool knw., a product of the Live Matters Group and Event Technology Partners, which makes the success of live events measurable.


“We not only translate our customers’ needs into new products on-site, but also in the long term if possible. knw. is a current example of this and really proved its worth at Money20/20. Especially at shows with many different stages, speakers and events, it is an enormous added value to be able to precisely evaluate performance indicators and audience engagement.”

– Niklas Hommel, Project Manager satis&fy.


Design highlights at Money20/20

While the presentations on stage brought the motto “Human X Machine” to life, it was the task of the design to enhance it to the next level: to emphasize the uniqueness of each stage and at the same time to merge it into an event wide theme. In 2024, we once again succeeded in doing this perfectly.

A good example of the connection between Human X Machine was found on The Na.i.ture Stage. The machine side was reflected by artificial steel trees, of which the biggest one filled the complete backside of the stage and formed a big tree-crown high above the presenters. The steel part of the trees was full of technical elements like screens and LED lines. The roof was made of straight fabric lines in a mathematical pattern.

The human aspect of the stage was represented by the presenters on stage and the huge amount of real plants and trees, that formed the roots and crown of each mechanical tree. Lots of big real trees embraced the five mechanical trees and made the area feel like an oasis of quietness in the busy expofloor, like a green park in a busy city.

The tree canopies provided a nice shade and the use of real green brought serenity to the space. All the greenery was not disposed after the show, but got back into greenhouses for a short re-covering period before they will be used again on another event.

Another great example of the implementation of the Human X Machine concept was The Summits Stage, where the presenters literally were enclosed by machines represented by 10 screens attached to robot arms that could form different backdrops or even interaction with the audience. The robots were placed in a stacked order to create a mountain which was outlined by steel structures with lighting in them to enhance the feeling of reaching the summit.


Sustainable construction and recycling

Sustainability is an ongoing topic at Money20/20 and one that is also extremely relevant in connection with design. The design of the mainstage embraces this process by choosing re-usable structures and power efficient equipment choices.

The complete backwall of The Exchange Stage was made from eleven real shipping containers stacked in a curved embracing wall. As the shipping containers are going back to their normal logistic tasks post-show, they are a perfect sustainable choice. This way, when properly used, can make a big impact in a design. The big, structured wall outlined with many eye-catching neon looking rods made it an industrial playground. The speakers entered the curved stage through a tunnel between the containers full of lights that gave them a special entrance. Above the tunnel the centrally placed container served as the DJ booth, which gave the artist an iconic placement into the set.


Highlights in the lighting design where the custom branded Illuminated logo’s attached to a rental fixture. The over 400 lighting fixtures used for this show were all chosen not only for their capabilities, but also for their efficiency in low power consumption. Also the decision to go for projection instead of big LED walls had a positive effect on the power consumption of this stage. And in combination with a smaller transport volume the perfect sustainable choice for this show.

Looking deeper into sustainability, satis&fy has produced several elements over the years that are being stored from year to year and are re-used in different configurations. The honey-yellow podcast studio “Money Pot” is a good example of this and was also successfully used again after its premiere last year – this time with a matching “Buzz Café” where the listeners took a seat and listened to the live recordings, the “buzz of the industry”.

Photos: Nathan Reinds