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satis&fy as one-stop solution for the FinTech revolution

Money 20/20 in Amsterdam

From June 7-9, 2022, Amsterdam breathed the promise of the future as Money20/20 opened its doors at the RAI. Launched in the Americas, then expanded to Europe – as the leading industry event for FinTech and financial services, Money20/20 offers big stages, intimate talk sessions and space for ideas on two continents. These are the facts. Money20/20 is also the place where evolution and revolution converge, contacts are made, opportunities pulsate, the industry comes alive. These are the Feels. And they were felt! By over 7,500 participants from 90 countries in over 14,500 meetings. Energy: 100%, monotony: 0%!

The show has grown rapidly in recent years. satis&fy was there for the second time. Like last year, we accompanied, designed, implemented Money20/20 in Europe – from the first rendering to the moment nine stages came to life with speakers. We are looking forward to continuing this success story together: in Las Vegas in fall 2022 and again in Amsterdam next year!

„Money20/20 is where money does business – thanks to the great performance of satis&fy this has been reflected in every detail of the experience from design to technology.“ , Mark Slade von Money20/20.

Rendering & Reality | Stage technology and design for Money 20/20

If you want to make innovations big, you need innovative scale. Nine completely differently aligned and designed stages proved in Amsterdam what this looks like. On top of that, LED video walls, high-performance projectors, large-scale sound systems and delicate small speakers, moving lights and Edison light bulbs – FinTech demands what it is itself: disruption, contrasts, unity, sustainability, cutting-edge technology and engineering.

To meet the requirements for Money20/20 from overall effect down to the details, we at satis&fy not only worked across trades, but also across countries. Experts from our offices in the Netherlands, USA and Germany created stages with meaning.

Entrance Feature \ Arrival Stage:

To give the visitors the feeling that they are the stars, a glamorous entrance was needed. Therefore, the participants entered Money20/20 via a backstage area. From there, they had their big moment on the Entrance Stage. Under a gigantic 9×9-meter M, they immersed themselves in the Money20/20 world and could watch their performance live on four LED screens.

Plantarium Stage:

Intimacy, openness and transparency – these attributes characterize the FinTech industry and were therefore also the key ideas behind the Plantarium Stage. Underneath the glass stage, a 14×7-meter living plant floor, together with the 8×4-meter ‘living wall’ backdrop, created an environment where ideas can fall on fertile ground and grow into innovations. Living and recyclable materials also sent a clear message about the sustainable direction the industry is heading.

The Exchange:

A white room for the plain truth; each person scanned for honesty and integrity; decision makers and visionaries who not only feel the pulse of time, but determine it – “The Exchange” was experience, information and vision all in one. A place reserved only for the lucky few who could get a seat after finding the hidden entrance at the back of a bar.

Through a tunnel of cargo containers, guests entered a waiting room. An area that felt completely different to the rest of Money20/20. They continued on to a scanner familiar from airports. Unlike there, this one did not ‘test’ for metal, but for integrity. The destination of this journey was the White Room. Reduced to the bare minimum, essential keynotes were held here. No distractions, no recordings, the here and now counts. To ensure that the focus remained firmly on the topics, the visitors’ cell phones were sealed in Yondr pouches. It also ensured that other visitors were not already anticipating this exclusive experience via social media.

More than speeches - more than stages

Money20/20 is all about impact. For satis&fy, that meant it was about more than stage construction and event technology. It was an event for which we could use many tools from our toolbox. Our mission was to bring the client’s message to life with our stage and lighting designs. Using detailed real-life renderings, walkthrough films, and 3D panoramic views, we were able to show the client exactly what they would be getting ahead of time. The next step was to make the ambience, including the design and lighting, shine exactly as “promised” in the renderings. As early as within the four-month planning phase, we were heavily involved as consultants and solution providers to create an immersive customer experience.

At the Event itself, satis&fy showed what one-stop solution means. Stage and set construction, video and interactive technology, lighting, sound and camera – when everything interlocks, the result is a holistic experience that opens up new worlds. In this case, the world of Money20/20 in Amsterdam.

What you see is what you get

If it looks and works live the way the customer had it in mind beforehand, we are satisfied. For Money20/20, we accompanied the entire creative process – from the initial concept to design and renderings to the realization of the event. Since at satis&fy all trades from design to technology work hand in hand, you can be sure that we only present what can be built and build exactly what was presented before. No stopgap solutions, no compromises.

Your vision is our reality

In the beginning there is always an idea. Then you need specialists who think ideas through and implement them: Our interdisciplinary teams combine classic event services such as lighting, sound, video and stage construction with innovative trends and new digital developments.

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  • Graphics editing and creation
  • Interior design
  • Scenic design
  • Planning, design and construction of high quality stage sets, displays and individual objects

Fotos: Nathan Reinds