RAI Amsterdam

Money20/20 Europe 2023

satis&fy brings “Money20/20 EUROPE” to life for the third time | 10 stages | Impressive Entrance Feature | Claim “Now/Next” perfectly implemented


Conferences recall the following images: unexpected stage designs, big reveals, pulsating energy, award show flair, intimate spaces for efficient meetings, the latest event-technology. Or are there other associations coming to your mind?? Then you are not thinking of Money20/20, because it exactly describes the innovative FinTech convention, that filled the halls of the RAI Amsterdam from June 6th to the 8th.

This year, as in 2021 and 2022, satis&fy was again on board as the one-stop solution partner. This means: consulting, concepts, designs, renderings, special constructions, stage builds, event-technology and “that extra bit” — all from a single source. Everything is achievable. Because, like in previous years, we only promise what we can deliver. And this year, we promised a lot.



Long gone are the days when conferences were stiff events in clean conference centers. If you want to inspire the industry, you must have something to offer. Money20/20 has that and wants to deliver on that. That’s why we don’t just start with stage builds and floorplans but bring the unique Money20/20 feeling to life. Instead of working with a conventional conference layout, we pay attention to stage looks, to branding, to photo spots and immersive technologies as well as special constructions. Making Money20/20 shine as bright as the brand and the institution of the FinTech industry has been our endeavor for the fourth time globally. Amsterdam has once again proven that a long and close collaboration brings harmony and guarantees enthusiasm for both, the client and the production company.


on top of the agenda

As Money20/20 is not a standard conference, speakers, attendees and their experience are equally important. Meeting and networking are on the top of the agenda in the truest sense. Just as high as this year’s Entrance Feature. A combination of a Skydeck and a large Money20/20 logo invited visitors to immerse themselves in the Money world and at the same time survey the wide range of exhibitors and opportunities. Screens at the entrance informed the guests as to what to expect on the respective day. The robust logo called for interaction and became the perfect selfie moment.

The Skydeck drew all eyes towards the Fusion Stage. Inspired by the “Now/Next” claim to which Money20/20 is dedicated this year, a central anchor point was created. The five-meter-high 3D logo, distorted on all axes, worked as a stage backdrop and symbolized the disruptive character of the FinTech industry.


Moneypot Studio

A good Podcast after an exhausting day is what you need — this was also an option at Money20/20. The “MoneyPot” — resembling an actual honey pot — was a cozy recording and live studio that was enticing with its rich honey-yellow design. Through the glass studio walls and thanks to a tour guide system, the guests could follow the live-talks from comfortable sofas. The five-meter-tall microphone, which was re-modelled towards a honey dipper, exemplified the important information that “flowed” from inside the studio to the audience.



Ten stages invited visitors not only to intimate discussion rounds but also lectures of TV caliber.

The “Encore Stage” created a pulsating energy center in the RAI auditorium. The existing theatre architecture was perfectly used and extended with fabrics, LED-screens and lighting layers not only to create a spatial experience, but also for a wide variety of presentation formats. The stage itself was as versatile as the content. In the spirit of sustainability, the almost six-meter tall “M”, the Money20/20 icon, was reused from the previous year. The light matrix in the background was used as a calming backdrop or a radiant energy impulse, depending on the content.


Money20/20 last Year

Photos: Nathan Reinds