Nike House of Innovation in Paris


satis&fy successfully implements two new campaigns at the Nike flagship store:
sophisticated implementation for immersive experiences


The House of Innovation (HOI) in Paris is one of three Nike flagship stores worldwide. Customers and fans of the brand are offered a unique consumer experience on site. With regular campaign specials, the store’s shop window and foyer are transformed into special places of experience. Visitors are immersed in exciting worlds and go on a journey of discovery. Maximum freedom of ideas in campaign development and unusual solutions ensure lasting impressions.


Nike develops an idea for the respective campaign. We realize the sophisticated implementation and bring the idea to life. This requires a lot of know-how, great solution competence and fast work on our part. This is because almost 100% of our work involves special designs – i.e. installations and decorations that we create from scratch without blueprints.

We check the design concept for feasibility, submit alternative proposals now and then, and often make the seemingly impossible possible. At the same time, Nike’s standards are always high. And so are the standards we set for ourselves. Thanks to good preparation and our digital infrastructure, we can cope with the current Corona conditions.


December 2020: We have completed the campaign for the new ACG collection. ACG stands for All Condition Gear. This also characterizes our work. Work that meets all conditions and solutions that give ideas wings.

February 2021: Launch auf the Zoom X campaign. Zoom X is a new running shoe series. The focus is on running. This could also be a metaphor for our work. Because a fast pace is required in campaign implementation. And yes, we are sporty fast.

ACG: All Condition Gear

Effectively, we have eight weeks. Developing solutions, manufacturing special structures and installing them in Paris. Everything will be ready in time for the launch in December 2020. Mission accomplished, or rather: mission accomplie!

The ACG collection is all about outdoor experiences, tracking, hiking and the spirit of discovery. Accordingly, the installations – entwined with partial plant worlds – convey a special feeling of nature.

The first eye-catcher: abstract rock elements made of layered corrugated cardboard frame the ACG logo in a fluorescent tube look in the main display window (with energy-saving LED technology, of course).
In the middle of the large foyer is the so-called Dome. The semi-circular steel construction spreads out like a parachute, floating like a protective shield above the terrarium. Embedded in a miniature landscape, the various features of ACG shoes are presented.

For the exhibition of the ACG clothing ensembles, we built man-sized showcases which mannequins are displayed. Visually coordinated presentation platforms and panels complete the picture.

The Behind the Design Table offers insights into the development and background of the ACG collection.

Zoom X: Run fearless

“Run fearless” is the slogan of Nike’s Zoom X campaign. No sooner said than done. From the beginning of January 2021 until the campaign launch on February 11, we are rapidly picking up speed. We rush fearlessly through the narrow time window. The special focus: unusual decorative elements with a special feel, digital and analog dynamically intermingled.

Even the semi-digital mannequins in the window attract visitors. The large mannequin platform with LED walls gives the mannequins legs. They are relieved of their static and are in motion. The message is: Let’s get into the store!

Inside the building, things continue dynamically. The route: first the Membership Bar – decorated with high-quality white-colored cork and illuminated. Behind it, within sight, the Fearless Research Lab with walls made of glass and white cork as well as furniture in industry style. The concrete columns with their LED screens and the new exhibition showcases flank both locations. An open space-within-a-space effect is created in the center of the foyer.

Next stop: Behind the Design Archive. Shelf boxes with black translucent backs and glass fronts covered with text tell the story of the shoe collection. How it was developed, what it can do – paired with statements from athletes. Voilà!


Our team in Paris: 20 people for a wide variety of tasks. Everything is precisely coordinated to keep to the schedule, even in the final meters.

The satis&fy locations in Karben, Berlin, Werne and Hilversum are involved in the innovative solution developments, the production of the special structures and the technical management. We are skilled in digital collaboration and that pays off especially in these times.

All in all, the third and fourth campaigns in Paris are honey for the soul. Just like in the good old days, we’re out in the world doing challenging jobs.

And it goes on: campaign number 5 followed in April 2021 and number 6 is in the middle of planning. Thank you Nike and all involved actors for the cooperation!

Your staging is our challenge!

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