Dancing on tour

satis&fy for the second time service provider on the „Let’s Dance – Die Live Tour 2021“

The mirror ball glitters, the lights flicker, hearts beat faster – all eyes are transfixed on the radiant parquet on which the actors dance towards their scores. “Let’s Dance – The Live Tour 2021” is the motto, name and feeling at the same time – for the TV show and also for the tour production that filled Germany’s halls in 2021 under the direction of Semmel Concerts Entertainment. One of few big tour productions that could be realized last year – satis&fy was there.

Two dancers on the floor, two pairs of legs, two rounds: The number two is also an essential one off the dance floor. Because after the tour debut in 2019, “Let’s Dance – Die Live Tour 2021” took place for the second time. As in the kick-off year 2019, satis&fy was on site for the lighting and scenic areas. Together with Videotechnik Bär (video) and Soundhouse (sound), satis&fy once again formed the proven triumvirate for tour organizer Semmel Concerts. Especially for a production like “Let’s Dance – Die Live Tour 2021”, which, in addition to the usual tour requirements, features special constructions, flexible solutions in the area of stage construction and a tight schedule, the proven interaction of all players was an invaluable asset. All with one goal in mind: to provide the dancers with the perfect stage.


Rollable stage, "Follow ME" and "LED portal" - requirements and special constructions for the tour

A special challenge was the stage construction, which consisted of two components: a “classic” stage area, where the jury counter also resided, and the heart of the show, the 22×11 m dance floor. Both parts were connected by a catwalk. The dance floor was almost as mobile as the dancers themselves. Constructed on rollrisers, it could be set up in any venue on free space and then moved to its place.

The computer-controlled “Follow ME” light cone tracking system ensured that the dancers were literally in the spotlight throughout the show. For this purpose, the stage was digitally measured in advance so that the spotlights could then be moved with the help of position calculation.


Another highlight was the mirror ball with its 2.20 m diameter. Centered above the stalls, it always provided the right party atmosphere. Just like the sphere, the chandeliers, the entire stage technology and even individual acrobats could be moved “Cirque de Soleil”-like during the show above the heads of the audience. This was made possible by sophisticated rigging systems and motorized hoists from CyberHoist, a member of the satis&fy group.

Not only magical for the show, but also practical for the organizers. Since the system technology including power distribution was pulled under the hall ceiling on dimmer platforms during the event, it freed up much needed space for the dance floor. The end of the stage and at the same time the entrance portal for the dancers was formed by a custom-made LED frame in the shape of an abstract flower. The special construction, produced in-house by satis&fy, not only formed an arch in the literal sense, but also created one to the ambience of the TV show, which worked with a similar stage decor. Thus, at the customer’s request, a high recognition value was created.


Dance in touring condition

One and a half years – that’s how long the preparation time was before the first “Let’s Dance – Die Live Tour 2019” could take place. In 2021, the cooperation with tour manager Semmel Concerts and the partners was already so well-rehearsed that everyone could concentrate more on their core competencies: Planning, construction, show design – this is live entertainment of a special kind and exactly how we know and love it. In our halls in Werne an der Lippe, we were also able to set up the stage construction on a trial basis last year in order to test where adjustments still needed to be made. Because not only the kind of show, but also a tour itself makes special demands on construction and design, so that the course of events is not disturbed later and the 17 trailers, many of them equipped with satis&fy’s own material, roll smoothly from venue to venue.


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Fotos: Anna Imm Photography