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Studio 20/20 in Werne on the river Lippe near Dortmund has always triggered great emotions. Transport these emotions directly to the screens of your customers, employees and partners.

Do you know that special mood when you enter a concert hall? The lights, the stage set, the shimmering anticipation in the air? This very special atmosphere is almost always the same. But depending on the artist, depending on the music genre, depending on the theme, you can still expect a different setting, an adapted perspective.

This is exactly what is normally rehearsed in the 400 m² Studio 20/20 in Werne a. d. Lippe, NRW. Here the visions of the artists are tested against reality and set up for the first time.

Probe Konzert Sänger Cro im Studio 20/20 Werne

Werne Studio 20/20 Streaming Digital Event

Over the past few months, we have all had to flexibly adapt to the new situation and explore how we can Expertise can be used anew.

Over the last few months, we have all had to adapt flexibly to the new situation and explore how we can redeploy our core competencies. The Studio 20/20 is no exception.

And since it has always been a place of great emotions and key moments, equipped with the latest event and stage technology and just as flexible as it is quickly completely customizable, the solution was obvious: Studio 20/20 became a modern modular streaming studio incl. green box, in which we can realize your conferences, product presentations, trainings etc. in TV studio quality.

In the future, everything will be possible here: rehearsals for tours, purely digital events or mixed forms such as hybrid events – exactly what you need at the moment.

Digital or hybrid event - Perfectly equipped for your streaming event

What your event needs is determined by you and the type of event. We provide the

right know-how and equipment

In principle, almost any type of event streaming is possible in this studio.

Starting with a clean setup with one actor, one camera and a static background up to discussion rounds. Or formats with several people and camera moves as well as detailed animated and customizable backgrounds on a large LED wall. What the studio looks like in the end depends on you, your product, your service, your CI. Even your own animations or graphics can be integrated without any problems.

Only one thing always remains the same: Perfect lighting, sound and image quality as well as an interference-free transmission of the event you book directly with us.

In addition to purely digital events, hybrid events are also possible absolutely corona-compliant and with hygiene concept. Up to 20 people can take part in your hybrid event directly in the studio, while maintaining the required distances at all times.

The most important data at a glance. This is what you can expect in the studio:

  • Total area of 400 m²
    Individually playable 5×3 m LED wall with 2.9 mm pixel pitch
    Television-quality studio lighting and effect lighting
    Completely customizable to your production
    Backstage areas for speakers, make-up and catering
    1 Gbit/s (symmetrical) Internet connection
    Green screen technology for live feeds or breakout sessions

What's next for streaming events and the studio?

“We are convinced that streaming has come to stay.”

In the future, too, many people will certainly no longer travel across the republic for every lecture or event when the digital possibilities offer so many opportunities. Fortunately, the topic of Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in society.

That’s why it’s important to rethink now! As a service provider for event technology, just as in almost all other industries. We have done that and with the Studio 20/20 (and 15 weiteren Streaming-Studios in Germany, Austria and in Switzerland) created an attractive offer for the present and the future.

Hybrid events in particular are sure to remain popular in the future. And that’s exactly where we can support you with our expertise.

satis&fy - The experienced event service provider at your side

Do you want to put your event streaming in professional hands? We are here for you! At studiowerne@satis-fy.com you can tell us briefly and concisely what kind of event you have in mind. One of our experts will then contact you to discuss the details.

As experienced event service providers, we know: An email can never replace a face-to-face conversation. This applies to digital as well as face-to-face events.

To ensure the best result for you in the end, we go through every step together with you: from consulting and possible media training to the technology and implementation of your event.

We look forward to meeting you – digitally or in person, always authentically!