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Ideas on the move

“House of Innovation Paris”: Since opening in 2020, satis&fy has been standing, running and powering alongside the international sporting goods manufacturer Nike. Creative campaigns that storm the flagship store like sports fans storm the training equipment – that’s what it’s all about. The store on the Champs-Élysées regularly changes its character based on current trends, brand history or product innovations. A completely new world awaits sports and fashion enthusiasts every six weeks to three months.

Innovation and interaction – Nike is up to date, knows how to get people involved and live brand DNA: through visitors and fans!

FIT ADV - Focus on technology

An indoor, tactile outdoor collection – that was the client’s vision. Implementation? Mixing the power and versatility of nature with technology. Visitors ventured from mountain peak to desert dune – without leaving the Champs-Élysées.

Even the display windows showed impressively where the journey was heading. Modeled on a mountaintop weather station and equipped with solar panels and anemometers, the window front welcomed passers-by and adventurers alike and drew them into the store during the six-week campaign. Visibly laid cables, uncovered trusses and LED info screens gave the whole thing a futuristic look.


The expedition then really got going in the foyer of the store. First, visitors chose an item of clothing to protect them from the wind, heat or cold. Depending on their choice of clothing, the participants then immersed themselves in the digitally immersive world.

On a seven by four meter curved LED wall, nature matching the clothing was presented on film: whether at lofty heights, scorching heat or freezing cold – the House of Innovation placed its visitors right in the middle of it and let them experience the collection live. Finally, the adventurers were filmed by a moving robot arm with a camera application (built by Vendome Robotics). Experience with all senses: Depending on the clothing chosen, wind machines and strobe lights fueled the illusion of wind and thunderstorms. The resulting videos, which the participants inserted directly into the virtual environment, could then be downloaded using a QR code and shared online.

The FIT ADV campaign created by Modem Works and realized by satis&fy was a hit. Many technical interfaces, a unique consumer activation and all in all: one of the most successful retail campaigns for Nike Paris to date.


Performance and power - satis&fy for Nike

For Nike, satis&fy not only embodies the one-stop solution in the technical field, but has also become a consultant and expert in retail design and construction. While various agencies creatively interpret the client’s visions, the experts at satis&fy keep an eye on the implementation. Technical and legal framework conditions are checked and compliance with them and the obtaining of permits are ensured. Depending on the focus, the area of application also ranges from technical provision and the coordination of other external service providers to special constructions such as pedestals for mannequins and exhibits. Accordingly, satis&fy is involved in the conception process of the individual campaigns at an early stage.

The work at HOI is as fast-paced as the sports that drive Nike: On average, eight weeks pass between the initial idea and the campaign launch in the store. A particular focus for both Nike and satis&fy is the sustainability of the equipment. As far as possible, special constructions are reused across campaigns and furniture is stored locally.

The campaigns themselves reflect the versatility of sport: futuristic and technical, competitive and community-centered.

Mercurial - Between technology and design

A campaign that dribbles on a direct line between technical and design orientation: the new Mercurial soccer shoe scored a stunning victory. Around 15,000 participants lifted the Mercurial Experience into the Champions League of “House of Innovation” campaigns.

The unique customer activation got the ball rolling, design aspects flanked on point.

Nike_HOI_Mercurial_Valentin Fougeray_P1_HD 4
Nike_HOI_Mercurial_Valentin Fougeray_P2_HD 14
Nike_HOI_Mercurial_Valentin Fougeray_P2_HD 16_1-01

The heart of the exhibition, the so-called soccer cage, was used for dribbling and scoring.

On a touch-sensitive lawn, participants tested the Mercurial – and their own skills – in three different training programs. An LED board on the outside wall announced the current leaderboard – and encouraged the high scorers to come back and maintain their position.

The campaign’s design took us deeper into the world of soccer, in particular the Mercurial line. The typical chevrons – Mercurial’s trademark – adorned goal nets across the entire exhibition space. The purple campaign color radiated from the tape to the drawer handle. In this way, both the product and the brand were anchored in the minds of visitors. Perfectly presented: The deep dive into the history of the creation of the iconic shoe followed in the “Behind the Design” showcases. Selected props shared the exhibition space with valuable Nike DNA exhibits. And since presentation is not everything, but a lot, the exhibition materials are as diverse as Nike itself: from paper to holofan, including color matching and careful test prints in advance – form follows function.

Nike_HOI_Mercurial_Valentin Fougeray_EXPIII_HD 1

The guest star of the Mercurial campaign was the robotic arm manufactured by Vendome Robotics Paris, which had already done the honors at the 50th anniversary campaign. The exhibits were swapped, but the technology remained – a win for sustainability. Visitors controlled the exhibits using a touchpad. The robotic arm brought them closer; LED screens showed interesting facts and background information about the exhibits. Both the software programming and the content creation for the displays were carried out by Cyril Martin and his team from uncanny valley studio Paris. Meanwhile, satis&fy took care of the safety precautions and worked with Vendome on the practical use of the robot arm, including maximum utilization, the emergency stop button, official regulations, etc.

Nike_HOI_Mercurial_Valentin Fougeray_P1_HD 10
Nike_HOI_Mercurial_Valentin Fougeray_P1_HD 9

“The workflow between Nike, agencies and us is very well coordinated. This is particularly important due to the frequent campaign changes and the complexity of the individual exhibitions. As we are involved at an early stage in an advisory role, we can check the feasibility of design concepts, make alternative suggestions if necessary or get involved in the preparations. In this way, we always succeed in implementing the unusual retail campaigns in a technically and logistically flawless manner. And at the high level and speed that Nike expects and that we expect of ourselves.” – Julia Böge, Project Manager satis&fy.

Design comes first: Peg 40

Running is fun, running is community, running is Nike. This triad formed the basis of the campaign for Pegasus 40, the new running shoe in Nike’s collection. The motto “Together we run” was implemented from the very first step.

Even the flagship store window was inspiring: the Pegasus wings greeted passers-by as a double-sided neon logo with alternating illuminated colors. A clear message: “You are unstoppable”. Nevertheless, there was one small stop: right at the entrance at the registration kiosk. A digital banderole, coupled with the Nike Running app, announced the kilometers run by the community as a live ticker. Postcard stands held maps of popular Parisian running routes, while visitors could secure a warm-up session in a Pegasus running shoe at the ticket machine.

Nike HOI_benoitflorencon-nike-pegasus40-HD-04
Nike HOI_benoitflorencon-nike-pegasus40-HD-18
Nike HOI_benoitflorencon-nike-pegasus40-HD-07

After the run, everyone headed to the bar – at the House of Innovation that meant the Membership Bar. On pedestals, some newly built and some recycled by satis&fy, but all branded in the playful Peg 40 look, visitors were introduced to the Nike Running Essentials.

Finally, in the “Behind the Design” showcases, it was all about another run: that of history in relation to Nike Pegasus. Everything was appropriately branded, everything between practicality, design and storytelling.

Nike HOI_benoitflorencon-nike-pegasus40-HD-31
Nike HOI_benoitflorencon-nike-pegasus40-HD-25


satis&fy creates authentic stores and spatial concepts that bring the identity and image of your brand to life – visually and emotionally. To trigger something in your customers and invite them to take a look. Concept, form and color become a functional unit. Our experience from hundreds of exciting and successful projects helps us to achieve this.

Every new space, every new store is a new opportunity!

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