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Nike House of Innovation – 50th Anniversary

50 years of Nike: satis&fy completes the latest – tenth – installation at the Nike House of Innovation Paris

Celebrating its 50th anniversary, sporting goods manufacturer Nike presented its tenth and one of its largest campaigns to date at the “House of Innovation Paris” flagship store. For the tenth time in a row, the installation was done by satis&fy with the support of our inhouse project management team.  True to the motto “We are never done”, visitors were able to explore  classics and bestsellers from Nike’s historical collection with an interactive robot installation.

The Tenth Setup

Since 2020, the Nike House of Innovation Paris has offered 2,400 square meters of both sales and exhibition space.  From May to June 2022,  the arena, the exhibition space on the ground floor of the four-storey flagship store,  was staged for the tenth time under the project and production supervision of satis&fy.  This resulted on the Champs-Élysées.  The focus of the exhibition was on historical elements, artifacts, and bestsellers of the sporting goods giant.

Both the retail architecture and the technical and logistical organization were in the hands of satis&fy.  The location of the House of Innovation presented some logistical challenges: The logistics team had to carefully coordinate the transport of all components because of the scarce loading zones in the center of Paris.  Meanwhile, the 30-strong design team devoted themselves to shifts around the clock for the construction.  Work continued during opening hours. Three-metre-high graphic walls protected the exhibition space from the prying eyes of the visitors.

Nike House of Innovation - 50th-Anniversary
Nike House of Innovation - 50th-Anniversary
Nike House of Innovation - 50th-Anniversary


Before entering the store, the shop window design gave visitors and passers-by a teaser and a feeling for the anniversary campaign.  A LED neon logo formed the campaign lettering “We are never done” in the shop window.

“The50th anniversary slogan reflects our collaboration with Nike in all dimensions.  On our 30-year journey together, an inspiring partnership has developed. Starting as a technical service provider, we now take over the management of projects with worldwide attention,” says Sebastian Hofeditz, project management at satis&fy.

Not a problem for experts

At the heart of the project  was a  robot surrounded by glass panes.  Visitors were able to select exhibits via a touchpad, which was then maneuvered by the electronic helper from a shelf in front of the eyes of the viewer. Details of the showpiece were provided by the associated LED monitor.

A major technical challenge was to place the 300-kilogram robot inside the transparent cube. With a range of motion of 180 centimeters, it was able to transport exhibits weighing up to 20 kilograms in a  small space. At the same time, its six axles provided the necessary mobility. Each exhibit was additionally equipped with a small LCD monitor. In order not to hinder the robot with cables, batteries were used, which were supplied with the help of induction chargers.

The short set-up phase as well as the technical concept required a network of experts from different industries.  Hotel Creative London was responsible for the design of the exhibition. The robotics were provided by Vendôme ROBOTICS Paris. Both the software programming and the content creation for the displays were carried out by Cyril Martin and his team from uncanny valley studio Paris.

Taking sustainability into account, satis&fy uses a modular design for the regularly changing exhibitions. Many parts are regularly reinstalled or stored on site.

Nike House of Innovation - 50th-Anniversary - Roboter
Nike House of Innovation - 50th-Anniversary - Roboter
Nike House of Innovation - 50th-Anniversary - Touchpad

30 years of worldwide collaboration

With the campaign “Nike House of Innovation – 50th Anniversary”, satis&fy continues its 30-year worldwide cooperation with Nike.  Starting out as a technical provider and working on individual projects in Europe, satis&fy is now a partner of the Nike event & design team and project implementer of the largest Nike installations worldwide.  Milestones of the long-standing cooperation were, for example, the campaigns in Nike Town and the development and implementation of , the project management for various hospitality lounges at Olympic Games or Football World Cups as well as the implementation of PR events in historic places, such as the Forbidden City in Beijing.

Nike House of Innovation - 50th-Anniversary


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