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Cinema for the ears \\ Hans Zimmer Live – Europe Tour 2023

From delicate to raucous: Soundtracks on tour

Is it true that soundtracks are created in the studio and only come to life on screen? On the “Hans Zimmer Live – Europe Tour 2023”, the multiple Oscar and Grammy award-winning film composer once again proved that this notion is outdated. Not only outdated, it’s been outdone. Namely, by an impressive show with rock star flair, where powerful, bombastic sounds were followed by tender moments of introspection.

When Hans Zimmer goes on tour, he does not simply repeat what audiences know from the movies, but reaches new heights in celebrated compositions. Accents that have a live effect, that resonate uniquely (if desired), that explore emotions and memories anew. You don’t need a silver screen to bring cinematic images to life in your mind’s eye. Under leadership from Semmel Concerts Entertainment Deutschland and RCI Global as well as girded by top-notch production from satis&fy, the 2023 tournament continued its groundbreaking success from the previous year.

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At 34 sold-out shows in 15 European countries, the audience was whisked away to the fantastic worlds of Dune, Pirates of the Caribbean, Gladiator and many more. An eight-piece dance and vocal ensemble, an orchestra with 300 instruments, 19 band members and Oscar and Grammy award winner Hans Zimmer himself – so much sensation on stage requires enormous experience in live entertainment and logistics. Thus satis&fy, with its lighting and sound production, rigging and stage and backdrop service departments, provided a one-stop solution that is almost unique in the industry to once again realize this exceptional tour. 40 crew members accompanied Hans Zimmer and his musicians across the entire continent.


Sonic range, honed to a point

With such a huge ensemble of winds and strings, three drummers, percussionists, guitarists and bassists, it is essential to honor the sound of each performer. At the same time, the interaction between orchestra and band must be heard and experienced as a unified whole.

Hans Zimmer’s sonic range, from intimate tones to bombastic arrangements, was translated into crystal-clear sound, ensuring that quiet moments were not lost in the massive arenas. Sophisticated near-fills ensured congruence between the sound and the artist’s position on stage right up to the front row. Audience and musicians alike were always able to rely on their monitoring to distinguish between subtle strings and booming horns.

From intimate tones to bombastic arrangements, the satis&fy team made sure that the quiet moments were not lost in the huge arena halls.

Long-standing collaboration manifests in superior special constructions

A particular advantage of recurring productions is the fact that what already exists can be improved; and what came before can bring lessons. 2023 marked the second year of the successful collaboration between Semmel Concerts and satis&fy for the “Hans Zimmer Live Tour”. This year we went one better, especially in the area of scenic design.

The moving video screen, which could be flexibly lowered to the front edge of the stage to hide artists behind it until the first drumbeats, created a suspenseful atmosphere. At the customer’s request, the suspension system for the LED wall was slimmed down from 90 to 20 centimeters and made more delicate by means of a sophisticated setup, making it fit seamlessly into the overall stage design. Set-up and dismantling times, which are particularly important in the touring business, were also considerably shortened thanks to the much smaller suspension system.

Ultra-flexible workstations were furthermore used to speed up assembly and dismantling. Here, too, special constructions from satis&fy were a great relief, as the Robe FollowSpot systems require significant control equipment for the operators. A special design allows the workstations to be prepared for use every morning and stowed away ready for transportation every evening in just a few simple steps. This task would otherwise be much more extensive, as the control elements would have to be completely dismantled.

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Lighting design and lighting technology go hand in hand

The lighting design from Lightswitch combined with a sophisticated rigging system from CyberHoist, a member of the satis&fy Group, transformed the stage into a glittering masterpiece thanks to accented illumination. Among other things, nine active Robe FollowSpot systems were used, each of which was precisely operated by a dedicated operator behind the stage. John Featherstone, who was responsible for the lighting design with his team from Lightswitch, emphasized the cooperation with satis&fy and praised the “excellent service”.

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And the Oscar goes to …

Last year, satis&fy was also on site as a service provider for Semmel Concerts on the “Hans Zimmer Live – Europe Tour” when the exceptional composer was honored with his second Academy Award. This year’s tour was also Oscar-worthy, thrilling and enthralling over 300,000 spectators.

Our long-standing cooperation with Semmel Concerts and Video Bär, in conjunction with tight collaboration with partners such as Lightswitch, enable us to provide holistic service at the highest level. That’s why we’re already looking forward to the next live entertainment moments this year with the “Let’s Dance – The Live Tour 2023”.

Live-Entertainment | Tontechnik für Ensembles bei der Hans Zimmer Live Tournee


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