Analogue becomes digital

satisfy realized hybrid event format for SINTEG conference

On October 28th and 29th, 2020, the final conference of the “Smart Energy Showcase – Digital Agenda for the Energy Transition”, or SINTEG for short, took place in the Hamburg dome. SINTEG offers solutions for the energy system of the future and addresses the question of “How does politics use these impulses to shape the political framework?”

Live from the Kuppel Hamburg

satis&fy was commissioned by Vagedes & Schmid event agency to carry out the conference. Due to current restrictions, the conference took place as a hybrid format. Watching from screens, the final conference brought together around 800 participants.

Interactive experience

With a lively moderation, greetings, opening speeches, keynotes, panel discussions, short lectures, virtual meetings, external live connections, PowerPoint presentations, social walls and video clips, the event offered the participants a diverse, varied and interactive experience over two full days. Satis&fy AG not only built a 150-square meter digital studio in the event area of ​​the Hamburg dome, but was also responsible for live streaming and all video technology. Program items were mapped via the event platform “Mobile Event App” and the live streaming was integrated via the WebEx video conferencing tool.

Large planning effort

Dirk Holzhäuser, Senior Project Manager at satis&fy, on the challenges of this extensive event: “Implementing conferences of this size requires a great deal of planning time and a first-class crew. In addition to the trouble-free technology and user-friendly event platform, the focus is also on staging and interaction. The latter can be achieved, for example, via live calls and exciting set changes, as is currently the case with Sinteg.”

In addition, four digital breakout rooms were set up for parallel sessions, which were also embedded in the event platform. “Small mini-events which are part of the event and have to be controlled and served just as efficiently as the main event,” says the project manager.

Trouble-free technology

To keep everything safely in sight, an extensive control room was set up at the event location for graphics and image, streaming, WebEx, Watchout and Powerpoint operators as well as network and recording technicians, who ensured that the event and the remote connections were always running smooth. “In total there were over 100 so-called ‘call-ins'”, Holzhäuser proudly reports. “Together with Vagedes & Schmid, we triumphantly transformed what was originally a purely classic conference into a successful hybrid event that combined offline and online elements in such a way that the conference appeared lively and human and metamorphosed spectators into actual participants.”