A unique event at a special location

Copetri Convention in Fredenhagen

COCON 2023 combines networking, exhibition and conference in a unique way.

The COPETRI CONVENTION (COCON) is the only event in the DACH region that focuses on a triad, in terms of concept and content: It combines the themes — people, transformation and innovation — with a mix of networking, exhibition and conference. In May 2023, more than 4,000 guests took advantage of this opportunity to network; gain knowledge and inspiration; find answers and solutions for upcoming challenges in their companies.

COCON took place for the second time — once again in FREDENHAGEN. Fully supported by the satis&fy team and our colleagues from spaces mgt. The convention had grown considerably compared to last time.

The on-site crew managed almost 60% more visitors, more than 100 exhibitors and 230 program items — from specialist lectures and workshops to the grand COPETRI Night — a wide variety of different formats were represented.


Focus: Sustainability

Even in the run-up to the event, satis&fy supported the COPETRI team with its expertise and advice. The concept was developed together. Focus: Sustainability. This included, among other things, the design and installation of the reusable wooden stand structures. The look and feel of the renewable raw material underlines the overall concept of the event and supports our client’s brand. The stands were used at the first COCON event and had been significantly extended for this event due to more number of exhibitors. They provided an uncomplicated and appealing working environment for the convention. Considering reasons of sustainability, the installation of carpets was also largely dispensed with. Six stages were available for lectures, panel discussions and live music at the premises – half of them were in the open grounds. All of them were well-managed by the satis&fy team in terms of sound, light and video.


Display instead of print

In addition, satis&fy supplied all exhibition stands with the necessary presentation equipment. More than 80 displays of different types were installed for this purpose to significantly reduce the printing of posters, banners and placards. In addition, program printouts, grounds layout plans, etc. were dispensed with. This significantly reduced the amount of printing materials required. The guests found the necessary information on the displays and in an Event App.

Nevertheless, essential banners were produced in-house by satis&fy according to the designs of the COCON team. As these banners cannot be reused in the coming years, they were sent to a workshop for the disabled to be further processed into bags. The same was done for the banners of exhibitors who no longer need them.


Centerpiece: Conversation opportunities

In addition to the “conventional” discussions in workshops and at the exhibition stands, another core element of COCON was the unconventional personal exchange. Here, it was important to create as many opportunities as possible to converse with one another easily and quickly. In addition to business “speed dating” formats, which is a regular feature in other events, the team placed a “Bench of Conversation” and, as a special feature, a giant wheel — the “Matchmaking Wheel”— was installed in the outdoor area for the first time, surprise couples met for thematically defined conversations.

On the first evening, the Urban Club Band set the right vibe at the COPETRI Night, while networking enthusiasts could experience a Night Ride on the Ferris Wheel. The event was rounded off on the second evening with the Closing Party in the outdoor area with DJ Raudy.

We are pleased about the good cooperation with the COPETRI team and about the trust placed in us and our colleagues from spaces, because: We have already started planning for the third COCON conference next year in FREDENHAGEN! Mark your calendars for May 14th and 15th, 2024!


Photos: Simon Hofmann & Adrian Müller for COPETRI, Stefan Wildhirt