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Family friendliness awarded

On June 18, 2015, we were honored as a family-friendly company in Friedberg. We had applied to the Wetterau district’s Working Group for Career Reentry as a family-friendly company. We participated for the Karben site and convinced the jury with our application (flexible working hours and working methods, home office, part-time for mothers and fathers, etc.). With this award, the working group wants to honor and raise awareness of good company practices that make it easier to reconcile work and family life.

Resource efficiency in event services

Implementation of the “Resource Efficiency in Event Services” project sponsored by the NRW Ministry of the Environment

Over the next twelve months, the company will examine all process steps in the technical and structural equipment of events and optimize them in a resource-friendly manner. In our industry, far too little attention is paid to the CO2 footprint that results from the structural implementation and technical equipment of events.

On the one hand, the result serves our own optimization potential as an event service provider, and on the other hand, we will be able to publish a publicly funded transparent guide at the end of the project. With this guide we want to close the knowledge gaps of event decision makers and tenderers.

Although we have already done a lot in the past to reduce resource consumption and material flows, we are entering new territory in the industry with this project. Until now, the environmental impact of an event in terms of on-site equipment has never been part of an overarching holistic view. Even the Federal Environment Agency’s “Guidelines for the Organization of Sustainable Events” omit this point.