All Star Weekend


The House of Hoops pop-up store drew a lot of attention throughout All Star Weekend. Conceived by the creators of Nike and Foot Locker, the store was built across from the retail-friendly Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. In just four days we transformed an empty room into a brand-appropriate sales area, installed trusses, lighting, audio and video elements and were responsible for the interior design.

The store comprised of three distinct zones, all designed to increase visitor engagement. Visitors entered the pop-up store through a branded tunnel. A jumbotron in the middle of the first room, where the latest shoe models could be tried on, provided information about products and players. All available shoes were displayed behind monitors on a custom-made presentation wall.


A personalization and workshop area for visitors and special guests was set up in another part of the room. High school basketball teams, NBA athletes along with members of the general public were given the opportunity to commemorate the weekend by creating a pair of shoes. Opposite the personalization area more products were displayed on one of the HOH cubes.

A basketball court at the back offered customers a chance to try out the just-released Nike Adapt BB, the first self-lacing shoe. On the right side of the court, product specialists helped consumers understand the product and made sure they were using it correctly. On the left side of the court, it was possible to see the product in action. As a final step, consumers could buy the product. With the Nike Adapt BB’s 95% scoring a 95% resale rate it was evident that the consumer experience devised by Nike and Foot Locker was a huge success.

Brand Experience | Nike Pop Up-Store „House of Hoops“ NBA Allstar Weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina


The temporary retail store was buzzing with energy all weekend. NBA athletes Jason Tatum, Ben Simmons, Kyrie Irving and Russell Westbrook hosted workshops and engaged with consumers both in person and via social media. Several DJ’s contributed to creating a great atmosphere onsite. The team, consisting of five agencies, multiple photographers and videographers, worked closely with Nike to bring their vision to life in just a few weeks. From a sales and marketing perspective, the ‘House of Hoops’ was a great success.

Overall, this project would not have been possible without the support of our Portland and New York teams. Almost every person in our US offices contributed to this project in one way or another. It was a great team effort from everyone involved and projects like this remind us what a great team we are at satis&fy and how we make the craziest ideas possible together.

Photos: Jeremy Fenske


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