Business events

Are live events feasible under the current conditions?

Below you will find an overview of the various tools and technologies we can use to support you for a safe execution of events by reducing the risk of infection for the visitors and participants.


Easy control of the number of participants and visitors

With Flow.Control we offer our customers a simple and inexpensive digital solution to capture the flow of visitors and employees in real time. This is suitable for registering visitors at entrances and exits, for example, at events, in museums and in retail. But also for measuring or monitoring visitor flows in a company restaurant or in toilet areas.

The benefits:

  • Hygiene and protection measures are taken into account
  • Customer and visitor numbers are recorded transparently, securely and in accordance with the privacy regulations
  • Displays can be adapted to the company branding
  • Employees can concentrate again on their actual tasks


Temperature screening

Temperature control by using industrial thermal imaging cameras is a solution during Covid-19 to monitor visitors entering a location or event.

Our temperature control system measures the temperature safely and contact less. In case of an elevated temperature, this is indicated by a warning on a screen or an announcement is made.
If required, the determined measured value can also be transmitted to connected systems via various interfaces (e.g. for opening automatic door locks, signal in a control room, etc.).
Measured values or data are not stored due to privacy regulations.


Portable distance control

The Distance-Control spacer can be worn on a belt, around the neck or in a pocket. The spacer draws attention to the safety distance by means of vibrations and/or acoustic and visual warnings.
The unlimited number of devices in a network, the suitability for indoor or outdoor events and the intuitive and simple operation of the Dis.Tag ensures a high flexibility of use.


Control of distance behavior

With Distance.Control we offer our customers an alternative to contact less, large-scale remote monitoring in partially public areas such as accreditation zones and waiting areas.
With Distance.Control-sensor technology, visitors and their distance from each other are registered. If the distance falls below the entered minimum distance, a signal is emitted.


Virus-free thanks to UVR-Air-Sanitizer

With our UVR-AIR disinfectant we reduce the risk of infection in enclosed spaces.
This adjustable ventilation system equipped with a corrosion-resistant reflectors allows a regulation and significant increase in the UVC dose, so that mold spores are killed in a single run. Its hygienic design with no external cables and construction elements prevents germ deposits and germ nests. Through special thermo-tubes we can guarantee maximum UVC output and the aerosols are destroyed up to 99 percent.



Certified hygiene professionals

In the context of a pandemic, a tailor-made hygiene concept is absolutely essential to protect the health of visitors and employees.

Our IHK-certified hygiene professionals for the event sector analyse the event concepts based on the requirements of the Infection Protection Act for the event sector. Thanks to our basic knowledge of virology and based on the recommendations of National Institute for Public Health and the Environment we can design the right hygiene concept for events. We coordinate this together with the public health department and can therefore make concrete recommendations for the timing and processes of the event. Whether it’s about registration processes, signage, organisation of the sanitary areas or determining the best routing – the specialist hygiene officer can support the event planning in all these details.

With secured safety to a successful event

Unfortunately, it’s not yet time for the big events. However, company events can already be carried out safely and without high additional personnel costs.
We already have some experiences with live events in Germany and would be pleased to show you how to better organize your event while observing all the rules concerning the corona virus.

Contact: hilversum@satis-fy.com