Kraftwerk Berlin

Lufthansa Allegris Launch-Event 2023

satis&fy, Habegger and Stargate Group launch an immersive event for the press and customers in an international alliance

A product launch as unique as the product itself–that was what Lufthansa Airlines wanted to showcase in their public presentation of its new travel experience, “Allegris”. Thanks to the international cooperation between satis&fy, Habegger, the Viennese advertising agency, Stargate Group, and other partners, the event became an immersive highlight with a personalized customer journey despite the short planning phase.

With “Allegris”, Lufthansa Airlines’ new product generation, the airline translates premium into individuality. All travel classes, from Economy to First Class, will receive a new top-of-the-line product, which stands out above all for its range of seating. The premium requirements of the customers are as unique as their travel wishes. Lufthansa understood this and presented “Allegris” to the public for the first time on February 28, 2023, in Berlin.


Strong partners

Within two months, the sister companies satis&fy and Habegger introduced a launch event on behalf of and in cooperation with the Viennese advertising & live-marketing agency, Stargate Group, which translated the “Allegris” idea of individuality into an event that won gold in the “Press & PR Event” category at the BEA – Best Event Awards 2023 and won two silver medals (Best Corporate Event & Best Brand Activation Event) and one bronze medal (Best Execution Event) at the BrandEx Awards 2024.

Thanks to the strong network and the long-standing trusting cooperation of the individual partners within and outside the Live Matters Group, the Allegris launch event was a success. Together with Habegger, satis&fy was responsible for the lighting, sound, video and scenic services and arranged the “Kraftwerk Berlin”, a location from its own partner network. Sophisticated rigging systems and motorized hoists from CyberHoist, a member of the satis&fy group, set the elaborate LED walls in motion during the event. With Media Apparat, Lichtermacher and Flave, other partners from the network also contributed towards the success of the Allegris launch.


“Especially when the planning time is short, it is of enormous advantage to have a strong partner network that works hand-in-hand, reliably and with experience,” says Christoph Trauner, Habegger’s project manager. Conrad Dörfer, project manager at satis&fy, adds: “Within the Live Matters Group and with our external partners, we are united by the desire to always give the best possible results to our clients.”

“We have the expertise and experience to launch events of this size both in time and quality.”


Three back-to-back shows enthralled more than 500 visitors, including B2B customers and stakeholders of the Lufthansa Group as well as representatives of the press and selected frequent flyers, who will particularly benefit from Allegris. True to the motto “Flying becomes personal like never before”, NFC bands were handed out to visitors at the beginning of the event, which gave the event a level of individuality and personality similar to that of “Allegris” itself. And so, visitors were personally greeted with their name and photo on 600 square meters of visual space (44 million megapixels). Thanks to CyberHoist’s motorized hoists, the LED walls were movable and rose up to three meters during the event to reveal the view of the exhibition of new seats behind them.

In addition to rigging, stage construction, sound, video and lighting technology, satis&fy and Habegger were also responsible for preventing any technical glitches in the event.