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„Let’s Dance – Die Live Tour 2021“

satis&fy was service provider on the “Let’s Dance – The Live Tour 2021” for the second time

Even in difficult times, it is important to offer the people entertainment.

Thanks to good preparation and an even better hygiene concept, Semmel Concerts Entertainment was able to take the touring format of the popular TV show through Germany’s halls despite the complex circumstances. satis&fy was involved in “Let’s Dance – Die Live Tour 2021” as a partner for the lighting and scenic trades – a great honor, since only a small number of tours could take place throughout Germany in 2021.

In a total of 19 shows, the dancers thrilled the audience at “Let’s Dance – Die Live Tour 2021” from November 2 to 28, 2021. Between the start in Riesa and the final show at the ISS Dome Düsseldorf, 20 crew members from satis&fy traveled from show to show with 17 trailers of material on behalf of Semmel Concerts. A large part of the technology came from satis&fy’s inventory.


every move was spot on

Stage and decoration elements had been specially made for the tour. In addition to the lighting technology, the company was also responsible for the design of the dance floor, the catwalk, the stage and the jury counter. In addition, the motor and rigging system from CyberHoist, a member of the satis&fy group, provided scenically movable stage elements and aerial acrobatics. And this was already the second time. After the great success of the debut tour in 2019, it was an invaluable asset for all involved to work with a well-rehearsed crew last year, where every move was spot on.

Not only the people, but also the technology and special constructions for “Let’s Dance – Die Live Tour 2021” support a smooth process. For example, the dance floor could be set up on free space and then moved to its final place in each venue thanks to rollrisers. The extraordinary setup of head stage (for the jury) and center stage (dance floor), which were connected via a catwalk, was set up and optimized in rehearsals in the satis&fy halls in Werne a. d. Lippe before the tour.

“The stage construction had some special features, for example it was illuminated all around the edges. For special constructions, especially of this size and scope, it is a great added value to be able to set them up and optimize them on a trial basis in your own premises beforehand. Especially because the schedules on tours are generally tight,” says Lui Helmig, who coordinated the satis&fy trades as project manager.

A bridge between TV format and tour was built by the satis&fy special construction of an LED portal through which the dancers entered the stage. The self-luminous construction made of aluminum profile formed the central element of the stage background and reminded of the ambience of the TV show. As literal highlights, which put the dancers in the right light, the computer-controlled tracking system “Follow ME”, two “GrandMA 3 Full Size” lighting consoles, three “GrandMA 3 Processing Unit L” and three “Unit M” each, as well as 33 x “Obsidian Netron RDM10 Splitter ArtNet”, a new product in the house of satis&fy, were used. The complete lighting system was controlled via ArtNet.

On Tour 2022

This year, the duo from Semmel Concerts and satis&fy will once again provide exceptional live entertainment.Starting in early March 2022, the Hans Zimmer Live – Europe Tour 2022 is planned as an arena production with 130 crew and band members.  This is where satis&fy’s unique one-stop solution approach comes into its own in full.

Live Entertainment | Let's Dance - Die Live Tour 2021 | Lichttechnik und Scenic

Foto: Anna Imm Photography