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satis&fy AG receives challenging EU seal of approval for environmental management and focuses on ecological sustainability

satis&fy AG has successfully implemented the European Union’s Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) environmental management system. With the help of EMAS auditing, the continuous and systematic improvement of environmental performance is anchored in the work processes at satis&fy.

For this purpose, numerous requirements and evaluation criteria have been created in order to work more sustainably and to be able to measure progress. CEO Nico Ubenauf is delighted: “The audit is an important and, above all, concrete step towards proven improvements in environmental and climate protection. Our customers will also benefit directly from the improved environmental performance of our services.”

gold standard among sustainability seals

Tobias Mack, Sustainability Manager at satis&fy, explains, “An auditing process like this is a real major effort. Our customers should not only be able to rely on getting a great event, but also one that they will remember with a clear conscience for a long time. That is our goal. We ensure this with our capabilities and advice right from the start.”

In the seal and logo jungle surrounding sustainability, it is not easy to distinguish what each logo stands for. By contrast, when the EMAS logo is used, one can be sure that the company adheres to clear standards and is committed to continuously improving its environmental performance. “With EMAS, we have chosen the ‘gold standard’ among sustainability seals. For us, this is both an incentive and an obligation,” explains Ubenauf.

However, the work is by no means finished with the audit; rather, it marks the beginning of a path of continuous improvement. This is because EMAS organizations – unlike ISO standards or other certificates – are committed to continuously improving their environmental performance beyond the legal requirements. This includes measurable targets as well as regular audits to determine whether planned improvements in corporate environmental protection have occurred. In addition to establishing and maintaining the management system and regulatory control, this encourages innovation and positive development of environmental performance in the long term.

“We are pleased to hold the EMAS certificate in our hands. Our special thanks go to environmental consultant Marcus Stadler and auditor Lennart Schleicher, who accompanied the audit and helped us to succeed with their expertise,” adds Tobias Mack.

Leif-Erik Wilhelm, Nico Ubenauf und Dr. Frank Wendzinski (LTR)

Exchange and cooperation of all disciplines

EMAS also focuses intensively on employee participation. At satis&fy, the awareness-raising exchange between the teams contributes to this. “It is particularly positive that the topic of sustainability is present among many employees and is taken seriously. The auditor also confirmed this. We can achieve a lot if everyone pulls together,” adds Prokurist Leif-Erik Wilhelm.

After all, the service model – the one-stop solution – requires the disciplines to work together at an early stage. The integration of all areas of event technology, logistics and event architecture into the conception, design and event planning, enables synergies to be identified and utilized from the very beginning of the project. This allows satis&fy to reduce interfaces and resources and thus develop sustainable solutions.

Photo: Petra Zielinski (IHK Gießen-Friedberg)