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It’s a fact; no visual quality holds the power to impact sensory perception and sway emotion better than light. We know that behind every breathtaking event or impressive piece of architectural design, an equally impressive system of intelligently planned and precisely controlled lighting silently sets the tone.

Over the years we’ve honed and developed an impressive repertoire of skills that allow us to make any event shine—regardless of type or size. Our internationally renowned set and lighting designers know exactly what it takes to push your event from the boundaries of believable into the realm of impossible.

Our lighting solutions are never less than state-of-the-art, and always beyond your expectations.

As part of our services, we:

  • Design, plan and put lighting systems and concepts into action
  • Support project management in every phase from bid preparation to completion
  • Plan power sourcing and supply as well as logistics


  • Conventional spotlights for the most diverse applications
  • A very large pool of moving-head spotlights, LED fixtures as well as follow, ERS and PAR lights in a wide range of sizes
  • Special types such as outdoor and FX lights
  • The latest generation of mixer/controller boards
  • Specialty lighting systems for showcasing and accentuating architecture and architectural details
  • Accessories such as cable bridges, tripods and much more


  • Arri, ETC, Lightcraft, Expolite, i-pix, Robert Juliat, Astera
  • ROBE, Martin, Clay Paky, GLP, Vari*Lite
  • SGM, MDG, Smoke Factory, Irideon, Expolite Outdoor
  • High End Systems, MA Lighting

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