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Exhibit Construction

Tradeshows and exhibitions are unique in the sense that they heavily rely on the symbiotic relationship between buyers and sellers; the booth isn’t merely a retail space—it’s a presentation room, showcase, and meeting area all at once.

We’ll take your brand’s message and hand it over to our interior design, communication, and project management specialists. They’ll take care of the hard part.

Whether your design calls for 9 or 900 square feet, a single floor or a massive double-decker installation—we guarantee a level of craftsmanship that is unparalleled within the event industry. We work closely with you every step of the way to translate your creative visions into realities.

And how do we guarantee a smooth, timely, and cost-efficient process?

The answer is simple; we combine technical and structural disciplines under one roof. Need a breathtaking multimedia display in your booth? We can do it. Does your installation require complex multichannel audio solutions? We’ll handle it.

That’s the power of the One-Stop-Solution.


As part of our services, we:

  • Conceptualize your trade fair showcase
  • Compose 3D visualizations, CAD drawings, renderings and models to illustrate your project
  • Construct system-based and conventional exhibition stands
  • Provide raised floors assembled with modular paneling
  • Craft high-quality custom builds and architectural one-offs
  • Handle all the planning: everything from ascertaining structural specifications, verifying structural integrity and designating pick points to sourcing water, power and Wi-Fi capability
  • Deploy professionals to install equipment and structural components on site
  • Design and deliver custom builds
  • Rent out a huge selection of special audio, video, lighting and rigging equipment for fairs
  • Furnish presentation systems and signage
  • Supply large-format digital prints and images laminated on panels
  • Offer a comprehensive selection of quality furniture and objects
  • Store entire exhibition stands


  • BeMatrix, a proprietary modular wall system for exhibitions
  • Three workshops in Germany
  • An international planning and design team

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