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Custom Builds

Impossible, unrealistic, unattainable; these are a list of words that don’t exist within the satis&fy vocabulary.

From the early stages of sketching and prototype development, to the execution and construction of your real-life, custom build—our industrial designers, carpenters, architects, and engineers carry your vision through every step of the journey necessary to bring your larger-than-life vision to fruition.

It’s in our blood to find creative solutions to otherwise impossible, complex challenges—whether they call for traditional, familiar strategies or a stroll down the road less traveled.

So, what are we waiting for? It’s time to bring your dreams to life.

As part of our services, we:

  • Provide 3D visualizations and color blueprints
  • Preview designs in CAD renderings
  • Furnish placement charts for furniture and entire events
  • Craft high-quality displays and event sculptures
  • Deliver detailed solutions for intricate sets
  • Supply custom lecterns with integrated equipment
  • Build stages in unusual shapes
  • Combine materials (wood, steel, acrylic, Corian and much more) to craft unique designs
  • Engineer highly complex displays including controllable lighting effects such as LED embellishments
  • Mass manufacture furniture and craft individual pieces
  • In-source manufacturing to our facilities and out-source it to closely networked specialized suppliers

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