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A very special eventlocation in the Rhein-Main-Area

Patina is that fine layer of wear the passage of time leaves on surfaces. It suggests the wisdom that comes with great age, tradition and history. But patina also cloaks past glories and the happiness, hopes and disappointments of those who passed this way. Its mute testimony leaves us guessing as to what once was.

Time has lefts its mark on the Fredenhagen on Sprendlinger Landstraße in Offenbach. Over 100 years of industry haunt this huge space. It was not long ago that men and women still milled, drilled, manufactured and assembled conveyors, lifting equipment and elevators here. The hammer came down in 2009, ending an era. With decay, demolition and redevelopment looming large on the horizon, this monument’s doom seemed imminent.

However, the steel works were spared this cruel fate. Attracted by its heavy-metal allure, people succumbed to the coarse charms of an abandoned factory that still has a lot of life left in it. Over the decades, the space under those high ceilings evolved into a locale with a rough-and-ready style of its own. Offering 6,000 square meters indoors and out, it accommodates up to 4,000 people and all kinds of events. Hardly a location in greater Frankfurt can compete when it comes to room for staging creative corporate events. 

The Fredenhagen’s architectural selling points are certainly persuasive. This alone makes it a perfect fit for satis&fy, which is now the venue’s production company. The former plant is marketed by Spaces, a location management company in Offenbach.

Four recent events demonstrated the Fredenhagen’s versatility. It was love at first sight when the event planners for the prestigious automotive brand Jaguar saw the defunct factory’s rough exterior. Its dark industrial vibe practically screams Jaguar’s slogan, "It's good to be bad." A foreboding site on the outskirts of the city certainly seems like the kind of place smart, tough F-Type pilots would meet to get their kicks.

A big company that sells hair-care products took the opposite approach, teasing and blow-drying the venue until every tress was perfectly in place to treat customers to a glamorous night with dinner and dancing.

The technology company Samsung, in turn, could not have found a more fitting venue, which was transformed into an enormous film production studio. Various sets paid homage to Samsung’s new Galaxy S5 smart phone with movies for dealers and their families to enjoy. Representatives from Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen (Helaba) were instantly taken with the charm of the ensemble. Few other locations can match its suitability for a street party with all the trimmings, including a public viewing area for World Cup fans, a bar and a large stage. Where else can you rent an entire little urban quarter with grassy fields, playgrounds, streets, halls, backyards and just about everything it takes to make a street fair memorable? The Fredenhagen has indeed come alive.  

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