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A perfect day - 24 hours with Philips

Eight years ago, with the support of a new roadshow concept, the consumer lifestyle group Philips showed how interdental cleaners, shavers, coffee machines, Ambilight televisions and baby monitors can be expertly presented to its retail partners. This brought the Dutch company to five German and two Austrian cities in the spring of 2012. Conception and project management was handled by the Hamburg office Wilkenwerk. The creatives from Hamburg brought satis&fy on board to realize the complex technical concept.

“A perfect day – 24 hours with Philips” was the motto of the road show, a mix of evening gala and interactive product presentation with individual show elements. More than 60 of the Group’s products were staged in four interrelated theme worlds. The concept idea of the agency: Visitors should get to know Philips products in their natural everyday environment, and certainly with a fun element. Above all, emotions should be evoked and “aha” effects should be triggered. A recipe that worked. satis&fy supplied the ingredients for this in the form of light, sound, video and rigging, transported in a total of three articulated trucks. A satis&fy team of twelve, each time supported by 16 local helpers, handled the roadshow in multiple shifts. The technology crew benefited from their many years of touring expertise. Numerous technical components were pre-wired ready for the roadshow at the satis&fy Werne site and transported directly as ready-to-use units. This practice resulted in greatly reduced assembly and dismantling times. “We had an extremely short time frame for setting up the technology at all locations. Most of the time we could access the location from midnight. Everything had to be in place by early afternoon, because then the booth builder arrived. Illumination, sound checks and speaking samples were carried out on the day of the event itself,” explained the responsible satis&fy project manager at the time.

The central element of the product staging was a circular room-in-room concept with design elements similar to a trade fair building. The support structure consisted of a ground support on 14 towers, on which three truss circles made of Prolyte Slick trusses with diameters of thirty, twenty and ten meters were flown. In total, more than half a kilometer of trussing was installed. The four theme worlds – morning, noon, afternoon and evening – were illuminated in large numbers using Robe Color Spots and Robe LED Washlights as well as ARRI Junior Fresnel lenses, among other lighting fixtures. Numerous floodlights were also used for product lighting. The lighting technology was controlled by a GrandMa2. Good speech intelligibility and sound quality was also ensured for speakers and VIPs such as star chef Alfons Schubeck and Frida Gold singer Alina Süggeler, who performed later in the evening. The speaker systems came from Kling & Freitag, microphones and in-ear systems from Shure and Sennheiser. The heart of the control room was a Yamaha DM 2000. Various Microamp HA400 4-channel stereo headphone amplifiers and radios from Motorola were also used. During the evening, various thematically integrated video projections were shown, thanks to three Panasonic DLP/DMP video projectors.

The room-in-room concept worked greatly for Philips, Wilkenwerk and satis&fy since this concept allowed freedom of space without being limited by the specs of the location.

Photos: Ralph Larmann



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