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From an icy landscape to a flower meadow \\ All-in-one technical service for CRO

When the mood is right: At Studio 20/20 at satis&fy’s Werne location, the joy of old friends reunited is in the air. Suitably underlined by the set design of the current tour – flower meadow, green hillocks, summer vibes – you’d almost think you were at a BBQ party with friends. At this very moment, rehearsals for the CRO – 11:11 Open Air Tour 2023 are underway.

The familiar atmosphere is no coincidence, because satis&fy has been working closely with CRO and its booking agency, Chimperator Live, since 2015. Before each tour starts, not only the equipment setups are rehearsed in Werne, but also the musical programs of the shows. Backline and large parts of the production are stored at satis&fy anyway due to the long-standing cooperation. In addition, the workshop, set builders and stage builders, as well as the technical planners for the lighting and audio departments, are directly on site on rehearsal days and can implement last-minute changes for the start of the tour. Everything from one source, all in one place – that’s how success starts to snowball.

Continuous change

People meet, people rejoice, people change.

Sets, services and shows have changed and become reinvented in the last few years, just like the artists themselves.

Started as a pure technical service provider, satis&fy is now the one-stop solution partner for CRO. These include special designs that cover the entire range of scenic design, from mystical club atmospheres to icy landscapes and cheerful summer flower meadows. Not to mention consulting services on show programs, lighting and audio designs and, of course, tour equipment. And let’s not forget the carefree rehearsals in Werne.


“We are not just a technical service provider, we’re part of the crew and we’re there for the customer, whatever they need. From the stage manager to the CRO PA, anyone can call me. That’s how we close the loop on the whole thing. We live the one-stop solution.” – Joanna Schmidt, Project Manager at satis&fy.

Custom build and technical equipment for the "CRO - 11:11 Open Air Tour 2023"

The closer your collaboration on a professional level, the smoother the day’s work. After various joint tours, the majority of the audio production equipment is old-hat. Accordingly, reservations and preparations can be made early, meaning that last-minute changes (for example, in this tour, getting some additional guest musicians mic’d up) are not the end of the world.

And satis&fy has practically memorized the preferences of the production staff and the artists. Special structures? For “King of Raop”, they not only had to look bombastic, they also had to be bombastically sturdy. The set, designed by Björn Beneditz and CRO themselves, had to be walkable, but also jumpable. For “CRO – 11:11 Open Air Tour 2023”, stages needed to look like a cheerful garden. The lighting, based on designs by Bertil Mark, was hidden in the stage ceiling and floor so as not to interrupt the harmonious scenery. Large “grass mounds” concealed LiteDeck platforms for singers and the band, and were custom made for the tour by satis&fy. To stabilize the structures, but at the same time mimic the organic shape of a grassy hill, the wood of the substructure was applied and processed in individual, very fine layers.

We have the most fun with our job when the sets are in harmony along with everything else. A piece of cake with customers like Chimperator Live and artists like CRO.


Every tour: like no other. The work: shared

Since 2016, satis&fy’s expertise has been on hand whenever the masked rapper’s touring rig hits the road. Which was not a rare event:

Cro Wuhlheide JJ 03
CRO MTV Unplugged (Open-Air)
CRO MTV Unplugged (Indoor)
Clubtour 2018
"Stay Tru" Tour 2018


We supply professional production technology, e.g. lighting and sound technology, video technology, stage animations, rigging, LEDs and stage construction for concerts and tours.

We know how to inspire crowds. Try us!

Contact: Jörn Busch

What we offer:

  • Technical-artistic planning and realization of tours, concerts, festivals, live events
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Custom builds and constructions
  • Full touring support
  • Seamless supply chains
  • Truck and nightliner logistics
  • Excellent network in Europe and the USA
  • Unique one-stop solution concept
  • Rehearsal rooms (Studio 20/20)
  • Decades of experience in live entertainment