On the road with Nike on the Street League Skate Tour


Building things for Nike – requests like this one – are part of our long-standing relationship with the international sports brand. Displays and shelves, for example, that adorn flagship stores. The custom-made products not only have to be of the highest quality and look great, but also withstand daily wear and tear. The requirements increase when it comes to events, sports meetings, etc. It is also important to be able to set up and dismantle quickly and without any problems. And to look perfect, of course. It becomes even more challenging when we are asked to do a road show, when everything must be assembled and disassembled several times, and should fit on trucks or in containers. The maximum degree of difficulty arises when the conception and construction must also consider the narrow timeframes available for assembly and dismantling – because, for example, public life must not be unduly affected. Welcome to the Nike SB Street League Skateboarding Roadshow!


For this event, Nike is partnering with a professional skateboarding competition tour. The aim is to present new footwear and apparel products to a young audience before and after the professional skateboard competition – with the opportunity to try them out in a specially designed skate park. The real challenge this time was that the fitting and testing had to take place outside the competition hall, mostly on public roads, which were closed for this purpose. The pressure from the authorities to get everything done in the shortest possible time was high. For the satis&fy LLC team, this meant perfect timing and working at record speed: we had 48 hours before and 24 hours after the event for assembly and dismantling, including loading into three large containers.

The area was divided into two zones: Product Engage Zone and Shoe Demo Area. The Product Engage Zone looked like an oversized shipping container that housed specially made platforms and showcases for the presentation of the new Nike SB footwear models. An absolute highlight in the container was the “digital interactive zone” we set up, where visitors could use their bodies to control and play with the projection programming. The Shoe Demo Area was equipped with check-in counters and a mobile fan skate park, allowing kids to borrow the new Nike models and try them out on the skate park. True to the Nike motto: Skate every damn day! The bar-style counters were custom-made by satis&fy LLC, as were the elaborately designed shoe racks.



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