Together for individuality \ International cooperation for Lufthansa Airlines

Lufthansa Allegris \ Launch Event at Kraftwerk Berlin

A launch as unique as the product itself – that’s what Lufthansa Airlines wanted when it went public with “Allegris” at the end of February. This is because Allegris lends a sense of individuality to the premium expectations of passengers of all classes over long-haul routes. Business or pleasure, visiting family, on holiday or attending a conference – the reasons for traveling are just as distinct and diverse as the people themselves. A new travel experience with Lufthansa Allegris is in store for you this year, which takes into account this fact. And the immersive launch event on February 28 in Berlin perfectly translated the concept of individuality into an event that was awarded 6 times.


BEA – Best Event Awards 2023

BrandEx Awards 2024

Austrian Event Award 2023

  • Gold in category „Best Supplier Performance“
  • Silver in category „Corporate Events B2B“

On behalf of the Viennese advertising & live-marketing agency – Stargate Group, which stands by Lufthansa’s as a strong creative partner, satis&fy and our Austrian sister company Habegger provided the technical equipment and ensured that the event did not face any technical glitches. With Kraftwerk Berlin as the venue, CyberHoist, Media Apparat, Lichtermacher, Flave and other partners from our network also contributed towards the success of the Allegris launch event.


The unique (customer) journey begins in Berlin

Allegris is individualization. Right from the beginning. In Berlin it begins from the “Check-In”. The two floors of the event location were entirely branded in the Lufthansa design, including a check-in counter. More than 500 visitors, including stakeholders, B2B customers and representatives of the press, as well as selected frequent flyers, who particularly benefit from Allegris, received an NFC band. Three back-to-back premiere shows were presented to the guests with as much personalization as possible.


True to the motto “Flying becomes personal like never before”, guest names were displayed on large LED screens to greet them personally , thanks to NFC technology.

In addition, guests’ photos were taken at the beginning of each show, which were immediately fed into the media server and played out during the show to emphasize the personal character. The individualized experience extended beyond the event itself, right up to personalized follow-up emails after the event – check-out and baggage claim of a special kind, information which is individually relevant in the true sense.


This user journey was supported by technical elements throughout the event. And, even though the guests themselves didn’t fly down to Berlin, the content surface—consisting of 44 million LED pixels—did. Thanks to sophisticated motorized hoists from CyberHoist, a member of the satis&fy group, six LED walls with 600 square meters of visual space could be raised three meters high to provide a view of the new Allegris seats and suites at just the right moment. Mixed-reality glasses rounded off the individual travel experience in Berlin by guiding guests into the new Allegris cabins. Our focus was on the lighting technology, including 400 moving lights and 250 battery lamps, which had to meet the requirements of both mixed-reality and the event itself.

Individuality through synergy

Eight weeks of joint planning for an exceptionally personal event – is possible only when strong partners work together hand in hand, across businesses and even across countries.

For the Lufthansa Allegris launch event, we drew on a wealth of resources and combined our expertise with partners both within and outside of the Live Matters Group. With the support of Habegger, CyberHoist and our partner location Kraftwerk Berlin, we translated the creative services of the Stargate Group into an immersive event – in time, on budget and with such quality that it will resonate for a long time to come. satis&fy and Habegger, as sister companies, were responsible for the sound, lighting, video and scenic design of the project.


Your vision is our reality

It always begins with an idea. Specialists are needed who can think ahead and bring the ideas to life: Our multidisciplinary teams combine classic event disciplines such as lighting, sound, video and stage construction with innovative trends and new digital developments.

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Photos: Melanie Werner
Video: Independent Reality Film | Ferko Port