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Moving on all levels | satis&fy as Official Supplier of the Invictus Games 2023


When sport heals, unites and motivates, when 21 nations cheer and join in the excitement, when athletes compete for more than one medal – then you have a bombastic sporting event with an exceptional character. Then you have the Invictus Games.

In September 2023, Düsseldorf became “A Home for Respect.”. Here, soldiers who were wounded, injured or ill in body or soul competed against each other in ten disciplines. The focus was not (only) on a place on the winners’ podium, but on perception, visibility and recognition in society. Launched in 2014 by Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, the games took place in Germany for the first time and celebrated the courage and fighting spirit of the participants – the power of sport and the strength of solidarity.

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This makes the Invictus Games more than sport, more valuable than medals and more sustainable than victories.

Especially in times of upheaval, the games have inspired us to pause for a moment, reflect and show respect for the people who have given their health as a commitment to freedom. Signs were set, not only for the soldiers themselves, but also for their friends, their families and for social issues that affect us all.

346 satis&fy crew members in the fields of sound, lighting, rigging, logistics and video made sure that the message got across. As Official Supplier of the Invictus Games Düsseldorf 2023, we are proud of the 550 athletes, of the performance of our teams and of the event, which with 140,000 spectators far exceeded the expectations of the organizers and will resonate in both worlds – the sporting and the social – for a long time to come.

The Road to Invictus

It wasn’t just the participants who took the path to invincibility. The service providers and partners of the Games have also gone above and beyond for an unbeatable sporting event. For satis&fy, the road to the Invictus Games began at the end of 2022. satis&fy was able to set itself apart from the competition in the public tender by D.LIVE, the municipal operating company of the MERKUR SPIEL-ARENA, thanks to its outstanding conceptual performance in the areas of logistics, sustainability, material preparation and flexibility.

In addition to the strong infrastructure of material warehouses and preparation facilities that satis&fy was able to draw on in the Düsseldorf area, prepared modules, coding and trackable trucks in particular provided an enormous (time) advantage. During set-up alone, the satis&fy team was able to save a whole day’s time. A huge achievement, for which work was carried out in three interlocking shifts during the hot set-up and dismantling phase. This gain allowed us to provide our customer with the spontaneous additional services required for a project of this size.

The scale of the event, the tight time slot for delivery, sorting and final set-up as well as the coordination of the crew – a tricky challenge that satis&fy rose to and which we mastered with unbeatable team spirit. “Very impressive and unique” was the conclusion of the crew. We couldn’t sum it up any better than that.

„Our service offering, the one-stop solution, really showed what it’s made of at the Invictus Games Düsseldorf 2023. Utilizing synergies across disciplines, close and early consultation, teams that know each other and know they can rely on each other – that simply makes the difference at events of this size and importance.“ – Nico Ubenauf, CEO satis&fy.

And that’s exactly what we want: to make a difference. That’s why we love events that feel like “more” – on all levels.

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A large area with special details

In a record-breaking eight days, the MERKUR SPIEL-AREANA, including the surrounding open-air sports fields, were transformed into a multifunctional facility. International show acts, celebrity guests and, of course, the athletes themselves were made to feel at home here. In order to convey the feeling of the Games live in the same way as in the streams and TV broadcasts, particular attention was paid to the professional lighting of the sports venues.

What does that mean in technical terms? A lot:

  • 150 kilometers of cable laid (for comparison: that’s the distance from Düsseldorf to Koblenz)
    580 loudspeakers connected
    551 lamps installed
    121 tons of material load in the arena roof
Invictus Games 2023_satis-fy_Sport_HelgeTscharn_DSC2649 (1)

But numbers can only ever sound impressive, if you want to see the impression, you have to look at the people. During the sports week, 624 medals were awarded in ten different sports. The competition areas were as varied as the sports themselves: Wheelchair basketball court, floor shooting range, table tennis, weightlifting, athletics.

The games were accompanied by impressive opening and closing ceremonies – the biggest in the history of the Invictus Games.

Opening to closing, one ceremony

The Ceremony Stage inside the arena was the flexible centerpiece and eye-catcher of the games: a multifunctional stage, framed by a 532 square meter curved LED wall, which was installed using special construction elements from satis&fy. “Complete goosebumps” was the motto: during the rousing run-in of the nations and performances by international superstars such as Rita Ora and Macklemore, patron Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, as well as speakers from the world of politics. Emotions were aroused not only during the award ceremonies, but also when the stories of some of the soldiers in the “Heart of Invictus” were shared with the more than 140,000 guests. The beacon of optimism ran through the entire sports week, but the show moments, carried by the audience and every single Games player, shone brightly alongside the athletic performances.

At its core, the Invictus Games were not about technology and logistics, but without these components and the smooth running, the focus could not have been crystal clear on what really mattered: the power of sport and the people who practise it.

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Invictus Games 2023_satis-fy_Closing_HelgeTscharn_DSC3439
satis&fy ist Official Supplier der INVICTUS GAMES DÜSSELDORF 2023 presented by Boeing
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satis&fy ist Official Supplier der INVICTUS GAMES DÜSSELDORF 2023 presented by Boeing


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