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Patina – this is the outer, thin layer on something aged that promises wisdom, tradition, history to the viewer. But patina also covers what lies underneath: the former splendour, happiness, hope, disappointment. It leaves behind a silent inkling of what once was.

This varnish of the past clings to FREDENHAGEN, located directly on the Sprendlinger Landstraße between Frankfurt and Offenbach. More than 100 years of industrial history haunt the huge rooms. It’s not that long ago that milling, drilling, assembly and manufacturing was still going on here. Conveyor systems, lifting equipment and elevators were still being built here up until 2009. Then the end of an era came. The impending fate of this monument: Decay, demolition, new construction. Industrial construction was spared this fate. Because there were people who succumbed to the hall’s charm. They recognized that the closed factory has an unbroken, inner radiance and has acquired, over the decades, its own rough-edged style.

Today FREDENHAGEN is a versatile and transformative event location. More than 6 years ago, an ingeniously thought-out design unveiled a 6000 square meters event space, with an outdoor area for up to 4000 guests. Unique! Because hardly any other location near the city of Frankfurt offers so much space capable to creatively stage corporate and public events of all kinds. An alternative event space for hosting trade fair events, FREDENHAGEN is an almost unique attraction area that, in addition to the extremely good accessibility (located directly on the highway), also offers a large backstage area, ideal shipping & receiving area (9m ceiling height, 8t crane, roller garage doors for delivery at ground-level, access areas for articulated lorries) plus it’s suitable for shuttles. For all these reasons, this event space fits perfectly with satis&fy as a preferred partner for technical conception, implementation and production planning. The hall is marketed by “Spaces”, a location management company based in Frankfurt.

Already back in 2014 the events which took place here brilliantly showcased the changeability of the location. Customers know how to use the rough charm of the rather unpolished setting by transporting their audiences to other worlds through unusual events. Where else can you rent a location that resembles a small district with meadows, playgrounds, streets, halls, backyards? Very small and cozy or huge with thousands of guests – everything is possible. Extensive but carefully implemented renovation plans were carried out at the beginning of 2015 – a new, resilient floor compensated for existing unevenness, a special paint gave the hall a new shine. Another milestone in the extensive renovation work was the installation of new sanitary facilities and the design of the main entrance. Another important upgrade: the harmonious separation or connection between the two event halls “Alter Stahlbau” (3,000 sqm) and “Neuer Stahlbau” (1,600 sqm), which can be booked individually or separately. FREDENHAGEN – a former industrial production site has been transformed into an inspiring place where the past can continue to breathe, the present can be celebrated, and the future can be rethought. Yes, FREDENHAGEN is alive!

Numerous events showcase the versatility of  Fredenhagen. In 2014, the event planners from Jaguar automobile brand instantly fell in love with the hall’s rough exterior. It fitted 100% the claim “It’s good to be bad”. A rough location in an industrial area on the outskirts of the city as a meeting point for daring, intelligent F-Type pilots, always ready for new challenges.

In complete contrast to this, Wella hair care group transformed the hall in 2015 into a colourfully coiffed customer party with dinner, glamour, dance and music.

It was hard to miss when technology group Samsung used the location. In 2014 Samsung transformed the space into a gigantic film production hall. The Samsung dealers and their families who were invited experienced a shimmering appreciation of the new Galaxy S5 smartphone in various sets. Due to its meadows, streets, halls and backyards it is also highly suitable for a street festival, something that The Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen (Helaba) also instantly recognized. Of course, there was also a public viewing area for football fans and a large live stage. Where else can you rent a location that resembles a small district?

Other impressive customer events: car manufacturer Hyundai was a guest at the location in 2016 and 2017, the Linde company staged the World of Material Handling 2016 in the hall, and LR Health & Beauty, one of the largest German direct sales companies in the field of beauty and health products, celebrated its Global Leader Convention in 2017 with hundreds of sales partners. But companies such as Adidas, P&G, HP, Apo Bank and Mediamarkt are already using the diverse possibilities of the event location for their own purposes. In addition, FREDENHAGEN has already been used as a location for various music videos and commercials.

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