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Start of vocational training at satis&fy

Starting right from the beginning

A total of 18 trainees and one annual intern started their journey in the event industry on August 1, 2022

August 1 marked the start of the new training year at satis&fy.

A total of 18 trainees and one year-long intern (technical high school) started their journey in the event industry, eight of them at the headquarters in Karben. And they are directly involved in projects right from the start.

The young people are trained in professions typical of the industry, such as Event Technician and Event Management Assistant. But they are also trained in creative professions such as Designer for Visual Marketing, Audiovisual Media Designer or Digital & Print Media Designer. In addition, there are also trainees at three company locations in the promising profession of Warehouse Logistics Expert.

With temperatures exceeding 30 degrees, all trainees started the first week of their professional life at the headquarters in Karben. The main focus of the introductory week was on getting to know the company and the training team. There was also a meet-and-greet with board member and company founder Nico Ubenauf, which the young people enjoyed very much. The week was topped by a self-organized barbecue, to which all colleagues in Karben were traditionally invited. In the second week, the trainees then started at their respective locations in Germany for the first time.

First taste of project life at Karben Open Air

This week it’s getting serious: All new satis&fy trainees from all over Germany will meet again in Karben. There, the set-up and realization of the Karben Open Air is on the agenda for them. “For many years now, the Karben festival has offered our junior staff their first opportunity to get a taste of project life and gain experience,” says training coordinator Sandra Kessler, summing up the importance of the event for training.

Under the watchful eye of the training team and several experienced satis&fy employees, some of whom have been engaged with the festival for years, the trainees are involved in packing, loading, setting up, supervising lighting, sound and video equipment, stage management and stage rearrangements, artist support and many other tasks.

As a local partner, satis&fy has been supporting the festival, which is organized on a voluntary basis by the Kulturscheune Karben e.V. association, for years. “We are pleased that we are promoting art and culture in our region through this cooperation. In addition, the event offers our new trainees the opportunity to work very practically, touch and experience the implementation of a project directly after a few weeks,” continues Kessler.

Info booth & vocational training speed dating

Anyone interested in vocational training in the event industry and at satis&fy can find out about opportunities in the company in a relaxed atmosphere directly at the Karben Open Air from August 19-21, 2022 at the satis&fy information booth.

For all those who cannot attend the Karben Open Air, there will be the next chance to get to know satis&fy as a training company on October 11, 2022. The company will be present at the training casting in Altenstadt on this day. Appointments for the 15-minute speed dating can be made through the employment agency.

Interested candidates can find all currently advertised vocational training positions for 2023 at